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How To Unlock And Play Duos Mode In Spellbreak

Duos mode in Spellbreak is now available. You can team up with a friend and play the game. Check out how to play duos mode in Spellbreak

Duos in Spellbreak is the latest game mode made available for players to jump in the magic battle royale game. This mode brings up endless possibilities for players and if you’re curious about trying out duos, check out how to play duos in Spellbreak right here.

How To Play Duos In Spellbreak


Spellbreak is the latest battle royale game that focuses mainly on magic, you play as a mage and your objective is to banish every other outcast that you encounter in the game.

Earlier players only had two options when dropping into the game, they could either go solo and defeat other players or team up in a squad and take on other squads.

While this was fun, players had been wanting a duos mode so that they can jump in with a friend and not have any unknown player who’s not privy to the strategies that you’re trying to pull off.


Luckily, in the latest update, Spellbreak introduced Duos mode and with this, players can tag along with their preferred friend and take on other mages.

To play Duos mode, all players have to do is select the duos mode from the game mode select option and you’re set. Once you and your friends have joined the game you can take on other players to win the match.

Magic has one of the biggest benefits as using two different mages will give you unlimited potential as to how you can manipulate and use the powers to your advantage. Find the best combinations that work for you and dominate the game.


You can even download Spellbreak for free via the Epic Game store and try it out right now if you haven’t already. Spellbreak gives the battle royale genre a new definition and is tons of fun to play.

This is all there is to know about how to play Duos in Spellbreak, make sure to check out how you can earn Gold in Spellbreak to unlock all the amazing outfits and other accessories in the game.

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