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Elden Ring Dung Eater Quest Guide

Read this guide to learn how to complete the Dung Eater quest in Elden Ring.

The Dung Eater quest is one of several quests you will come across in Elden Ring. This particular mission requires you to help the Dung Eater, one of Elden Ring’s most hateful monsters. You will begin this quest by encountering the monster in a room close to the Husk Maidens, after which you will be tasked with acquiring a Seedbed Curse to gain eligibility for the quest. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. What lies ahead is absolute danger and potential chaos too. If you are one of those looking for some assistance on how to work your way around this quest, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all you need to do to successfully complete the Dung Eater quest in the game.

How to Complete Dung Eater Quest in Elden Ring?



After you speak with Dung Eater, you will need to look for a Seedbed Curse in order to begin the quest. To get your hands on this item, you need to head over to the Site of Grace at the East Rampart in Leyndell. Once here, you need to keep walking along the ramparts until you arrive at a room with a lot of lit candles.

From here, you need to head downwards via the stairs. After doing so, go to the end of the road and take the elevator here. After taking the elevator, look for a room with the cloaked enemy. In this room, you need to look for a ladder. Climb this ladder and then the stairs that follow. Upon doing so, you will come across the Seedbed Curse. You will find this item atop the corpse of a tortured man.


Upon successfully locating the Seedbed Curse, you need to visit Dung Eater in the Hold. Handing the Seedbed Curse to the Dung Eater will see him give you the Sewer Gaol Key. Additionally, he will also command you to unshackle his body into the sewers under the capital. You will now need to get to his location in this sewers.

How to get to Dung Eater’s location in Sewer Gaol?

Once you drop down into the Sewer Gaol in Leyndell, you will find yourself in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. Take the first left after you pass the ladder. Doing so will see you arrive at the Underground Roadside Site of Grace. From there, head out the exit and keep following the path until you drop deeper down into the sewer. As you make your way into this path, you will face herds of giant rats. You need to ignore these stinking beasts of the gutters and make your way until you find a ladder.


Climb the said ladder, and then take the first right. Open the door here to find the Dung Eater. Now, a brief cutscene will play between the Dung Eater and your character. After you release and unshackle the Dung Eater’s body, you need to go to the Roundtable Hold.

Once at Roundtable Hold, you will find a message from the Dung Eater. The message will convey the monster’s intent on meeting you at the Outer Moat. Make sure to speak to Blackguard Boggart and purchase a few prawns from him before you go to meet the Dung Eater.

As you head towards the moat, you will once again come across Blackguard Boggart. After speaking to him again, reload the region. After you do so, you will find the Dung Eater invading the area. You now need to defeat him to pick yet another Seedbed Curse from his body.


Once you do so, head to Roundtable Hold to speak with the Dung Eater. You will now notice a cutscene. During the said cutscene, you will be tasked with adding more curses to the Dung Eater’s body in the sewers. In order to do so, you will need to know the locations of all these Seedbed Curses. Let us check them out.

Seedbed Locations for Dung Eater Quest in Elden Ring

  • Fortified Manor at Leyndell
  • Volcano Manor
  • Prayer Room at Haligtree (You can find 2 Seedbed Curses here)

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about the Dung Eater quest in Elden Ring and the Seedbed Curse locations for the same. Following the steps in this guide will help you successfully complete this quest relatively quickly!

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