Dublin Hoard Map – AC Valhalla DLC Wrath of the Druids

Want to know what treasure you can find by unlocking the Dublin Hoard Map then read this.

AC Valhalla DLC Wrath of the Druids gives you Ireland to explore. A massive new region with hours of content, with new hidden treasure maps. Dublin Hoard Map is one among them which has a special tailpiece for your ship. Extremely easy to find do not forget to read this guide till the end to know more about the same.

Where to find Dublin Hoard Map?

Dublin Hard Map AC Valhalla

Dublin Hard Map AC Valhalla

Follow the map location to reach the spot. Look for a small dock, a wooden platform below the mountain. Go down and look for the blag flag. You will find this locked door. Dublin Hoard Map is inside this cell. The key is in the water, use the Eagle vision to find the exact location of the key. Refer to the image below.

Dublin Hard Map KeySwim down into the sea and look for skeleton near the sunken ship debris. Grab the key and return to the cellar. Collect the maps and other items. Now the goal is to find the hidden treasure. The map will give you the exact spot but you can take help from the image below.

Dublin Hoard Treasure

Walk towards the mountain region as shown in the image above. The treasure is buried in the ground. You can either use the Eagle vision to mark it, or just walk around and look into the plantation near small walls. It is extremely easy to spot. You can then grab the Tailpiece and apply that to your ship. Want some help with Ship Customization then hit the link for a detailed article on it.

n this way, there are tons of hidden items that can be unlocked via Treasure Maps in AC Valhalla Wrath of Druid Expansion.  Do not forget to go through our AC Valhall wiki guide for more tips and tricks on the game.