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DualSense Controller Black Variant Leaked in Images

While no Black Edition of the DualSense controller of the PS5 has been announced so far, images have appeared on the Internet that could show such a model. They come from an unknown source and should be enjoyed with the usual caution.

The DualSense was unveiled several months ago. We only saw a version in the color variation black/white, with the lighter part dominating it. Sony introduced the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 in April and described it as a radical departure from the previous DualShock pads.

Since the controllers of the predecessor consoles primarily had a completely black look, many players asked themselves whether the PS5 and its accessories would eventually be released in a Black Edition. Even if Sony indicated that at some point other color variants will conquer the market, they have not yet been announced.

What a Black Edition of the DualSense could look like is shown by some new images that are circulating on Twitter today. They come from an unknown source and are said to show the PS5 controller in a black look. The buttons and the directional pad have a white or partly transparent design.

But be careful: even if the images are real, they don’t necessarily have to match the final retail product, as they could be prototype versions or copies for the Devkit. You can look at the pictures below:

The DualSense has haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, a built-in microphone, and various other updates and improvements. During the course of the day, we already reported that the DualSense Controller will support software updates.

PS5 and its accessories will be released towards the end of 2020. As in the case of the competitor Xbox Series X, many important details are still pending. The price is unknown and Sony did not reveal the exact release date of the PS5. Since the launch is only a few months away, both companies must slowly go on the offensive.