How To Get Dry Bowser In Mario Kart Wii

If you want to play as Dry Bowser in Mario Kart Wii, then here are ways to unlock him.

Many Mario Kart Wii players are looking for ways to get Dry Bowser. This skeletal version of Bowser is a mean-looking heavy-class racer. He is well known for his high top-speed stats and amazing vehicles like the Flame Runner. However, unlocking him is no easy task. You need exceptional driving skills, a thorough knowledge of the maps, and a lot of elbow grease. In this guide, you’ll learn how to unlock Dry Bowser in MK Wii.

How to Get Dry Bowser in Mario Kart Wii

Earn Star Rankings in 150cc to unlock Dry Bowser
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In Mario Kart Wii, players can get Dry Bowser by getting a 1-Star or better ranking in all 150cc Grand Prix Cups. This is the second hardest mode in the game where the opponents will be faster and tougher. To get Star Rank in this mode, you must bring your A-game in every race. Alternatively, you can unlock Dry Bowser by completing 4,350 races/battles.

Unlocking All 150cc Cups

If you haven’t unlocked all the cups in the Grand Prix mode, then you will not be able to unlock Dry Bowser. Here are all the cups and how to unlock them:

  • Star Cup: Finish 3rd or higher in the Mushroom Cup and the Flower Cup
  • Leaf Cup: Finish 3rd or higher in the Shell Cup and the Banana Cup
  • Lightning Cup: Finish 3rd or higher in the Leaf Cup

Once you unlock all the cups, you can start the process of unlocking Dry Bowser by participating in the Grand Prix 150cc difficulty.

Tips to Earn Star Rank in 150cc Cups (Unlock Dry Bowser)

Use shortcuts to take lead

As we mentioned, this is the second hardest difficulty in the game. The races will be fast-paced with mean turns and curves. The opponents will be smarter so even if you lose focus for a single moment, you’ll lose the lead. But don’t sweat about it because we have some helpful tips for you to earn 1-Star or higher in races. With these, you’ll unlock BDry Bowser in no time.

  1. The major criterion for getting Star Ranks in Mario Kart Wii cups is your driving skills. So make sure you learn the map and avoid hitting any obstacles.
  2. The game also keeps track of the amount of time you’ve been in the lead. Winning the race at the last moment will not help you earn the rank. So make sure you’re in the lead for the most of the race.
  3. Go fast but make sure you’re on the track. If you veer off the track a lot of times, then your ranking will be tanked.
  4. Make the best use of shortcuts. They will help you stay in the lead and cut off your finishing time. But don’t over-commit to the shortcuts. There is a high chance of collision so make sure you avoid that.
  5. Once you get a Star Rating in all cups, make sure you go back to the main menu.

We hope this guide helped you to get Dry Bowser in Mario Kart Wii. Funky Kong is another strong character in this game, so check out how to unlock him on Gamertweak.