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How To Drop Bombs In War Thunder

Check out this guide on how you can drop bombs from your aircraft in War Thunder.

If you are wondering how to drop bombs and blast off your enemies while precisely handling your aircraft in War Thunder, then don’t worry we have got you covered. In this free-to-play vehicular combat game, players will able to take control of their favorite mode of combat from Aviation to Ground to a Fleet. With all being said and done, bombarding your enemies with explosives while flying has to be the best part of the game and equally difficult to do. If you don’t know the proper mechanics of the game this can turn out to be tricky for you. Check out this guide further to know more and defeat your enemies in War Thunder easily.

How to Drop Bombs in War Thunder

bomber planes in war thunder

To drop Bombs, players will have to first get their hands on one of the many Bombers in War Thunder. You will come across different types the aircraft from Dive to Heavy and you can buy them using Silver Lions the in-game currency. After which equip your bomber with sufficient bombs in the secondary weapon slot. There are three mechanics to keep in mind to make a precise drop i.e. Bomber View, Bomb Bay Doors & Drop Bomb. We recommend you check out the settings and change them according to your comfort as it can sometimes turn out to be tricky. Once done, follow the steps given below to drop bombs in War Thunder:

  • Take your flight and spot enemies on the map.
  • Change the Bomber’s view according to what you want (Default: F7).
  • Once you spot an enemy, open the bomb bay doors with the key bind.
  • After which, press the key you allotted to drop the bomb.
  • You can drop several bombs with the Drop Bomb Series key bind.

You can drop the bomb either by doing a dive or taking your plane to high altitudes. Planes with airbrakes are more useful to control the momentum and gain control over your bombarding. We recommend you take the plane on a test ride and practice bombing for a while. You can use the Arcade Battles or Test Flight mode in War Thunder.

That’s everything covered on how to drop bombs in War Thunder. Check our Best Planes Tier list to choose the best aircraft in the game and for more guides like these check out our dedicated War Thunder section, right here on Gamer Tweak.