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BG3 Dribbles The Clown: Where To Find Body Parts

Here are the all severed locations of Dribbles the Clown in Baldur’s Gate 3. Reassemble the pieces of the actor.

The Circus can be a dark and disturbing place, as players will discover in the Find Dribbles the Clown quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. This mission tasks players with locating and returning the dismembered body parts of a clown named Dribbles to the ringmaster Lucretious. This guide will walk you through finding all seven of Dribbles’ severed parts scattered around the Lower City during Act 3. We’ll help you track down every last piece from his torso to his head so the Lucretious can reanimate Dribbles as a clown entertainment attraction.

Where to Find Dribbles the Clown’s Body Parts in BG3

To find the body parts of Dribbles the Clown in BG3, you need to find his:

  1. Severed Torso
  2. Severed Hand
  3. Severed Leg
  4. Severed Arm
  5. Severed Foot
  6. Severed Pelvis
  7. Severed Head

We have added the map coordinates for each location in detail below.

All Dribbles the Clown Locations in BG3

Finding the Severed Torso

Dribbles’ severed torso can be found in the Open Hand Temple, through the wooden hatch in the kitchen that leads to an underground lair. Kill the creatures inside the cavern, then loot the torso from the body of Penela Lumpensicks near the wooden pulley system.

You may need to complete the Open Hand Temple Murders quest first to unlock the door here. If so, press the two buttons on either side of the locked door at coordinates X:19 and Y:-1004 after passing a Perception check to spot them.

Finding the Severed Hand

All Dribbles the Clown Locations in BG3

Head to the Circus to find Dribbles’ severed hand on a plate at coordinates X:91 and Y:-54. A creature named Popper is selling the hand, so you’ll have to steal it. Save your game first, then try sneaking or using a cloaking ability like Darkness to swipe the hand unseen.

Finding the Severed Leg

All Dribbles the Clown Locations in BG3

The severed leg can be found in Lavernica’s Home at coordinates X:-78 and Y:-76 in the Lower City. Go through the hatch inside the house to reach the Groundkeeper’s Basement. Loot the leg from the body inside the summoning circle.

Finding the Severed Arm

All Dribbles the Clown Locations in BG3

Dribbles’ arm is in Peartree’s Home, left of the Guildhall Entrance at X:37 and Y:94. Move the chest blocking the hatch and go downstairs. Loot the arm from the body of Courageous Little Kimmabeth.

Finding the Severed Foot

All Dribbles the Clown Locations in BG3

Enter Rainforest’s Home at X:-91 and Y:-115 in the Lower City to find the severed foot of Dribbles the Clown. Go through the hatch to the basement and loot the foot from Winslow Reginol. Watch for a trip wire here!

Finding the Severed Pelvis

All Dribbles the Clown Locations in BG3

The pelvis of Dribbles the Clown is in a small house inside the city wall at X:122 and Y:5, north of the Basilisk Gate waypoint. Lockpick the door, then loot the pelvis from Gohumberry Tresp inside.

Finding the Severed Head

The final part of Dribbles the Clown is located near the Temple of Bhaal at X: -65 and Y:1041, so you’ll need to make significant progress in the main story quest with Orin first. Then, find the maintenance hole cover south of Bloomridge Park, which provides access to the sewers. The most direct route is to go to the waypoint, head south to the statue, go up the stairs east, then around the corner to the manhole cover. Once in the sewers, navigate towards the Temple of Bhaal to find the final Dribbles part. Be prepared for challenging encounters on the way.

With these tips, you can find all parts of Dribbles the Clown in BG3. And for help on other topics not mentioned here, check our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides.

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