Dr Disrespect Complains that Children’s Games are Overtaking Him, Slams Twitch

Dr Disrespect recently slammed Twitch and said that “you don’t even have to try on Twitch” because it is very “easy” for the newcomers to overtake big internet icons.

Dr Disrespect slams Twitch

Dr Disrespect said in a recent broadcast that Twitch streamers find it much easier to find audiences than YouTube. Previously, he was one of the most famous streamers on Twitch before he was permanently banned, due to which he had to switch to the biggest streaming platform of Google, YouTube.

In that sense, the YouTube streamer slammed the Twitch streamer TimtheTatman by stating the following as an example: “It blows my mind… you don’t even have to try on Twitch. Literally, he’s got 50,000 people watching him watching other people’s solo games, and they suck. He’s got like 50k viewers!”

“Really, you don’t have to try. They have it easy. I’m telling you, right now, I’m telling you if we were still on Twitch, we would have 100,000 people. On YouTube, when I’m streaming, releasing videos, I’ve got to reach out to my team, I gotta make a whole bunch of calls; [figure out] what’s the algorithm today,” he said.

“On top of that, I’ve gotta make sure I’m setting up thumbnails, keywords, YouTube hashtags, and then after all that we still get buried behind games like Minecraft and Roblox. It feels like we’re pushed to the side,” Dr Disrespect further commented.

“We’re pushed all the way down, deep down into this wannabe community infrastructure, allegedly livestream-focused infrastructure that YouTube has,” concluded Doc.

Check the full video below, and from 28:12 minutes you can find the above-quoted messages from the streamer.