How To Get Poke Transporter On Your 3DS (Download Guide)

Not much time is left before you lose the ability to get Poke Transporter and Pokemon Bank permanently on your 3DS.

Poke Transporter and Pokemon Bank are two very useful apps for 3DS players. No matter if you want to carry over your Pokemon from previous games, or just need some extra Pokemon storage. These apps would come to your rescue. And soon the players will lose the ability to get these apps. So here is why you should download the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter on your Nintendo 3DS and how to update them.

How to Download Poke Transporter on Your 3DS

why you should download poke transporter and pokemon bank on your 3ds
Image Credit: AggronHD on YouTube

You can download the Poke Transporter from the Pokemon Bank app on your 3DS. You also need a game on your 3DS that is compatible with Pokemon Bank.

  1. Launch Pokémon Bank on your 3DS.
  2. Scroll down and select the “Download Poke Transporter” button.
  3. Click on Download and choose Yes.
  4. This will directly open up your 3DS eShop on the Poke Transporter page.
  5. Click on Proceed to Download.
  6. Choose either download options, that is Sleep Mode Download or Complete Download Now.

Once the download is complete you can see the new application on your 3DS home.

How to Update Poke Transporter

You can update Poke Transporter from both the Home menu and the Nintendo eShop. But if you are downloading it using the above method, you will automatically get the latest version of it. Do remember that both Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter will become free services to the players after Nintendo shuts down its eShop for the 3DS and Wii U. That also means that you will no longer receive any updates for these apps.

Why you Should Download Poke Transporter & Pokemon Bank on your 3DS?

Nintendo is about to shut down its eShop for the 3DS and Wii U on 27th March 2023, so you should download these apps before that. This is because once the eShop service stops for your 3DS you will no longer be able to get the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter. Both of these software are useful for transferring and storing your Pokemon.

Prior to the release of Pokemon Home, players had to use Pokemon Bank for storing their Pokemon. This service allowed them to freely store their Pokemon from the different games for 3DS, these include:

  • Pokemon X & Y
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, & Ultra Moon

As for the Pokemon Transporter, this app was needed to get your Pokemon from Gen 5 and older games to your 3DS. Once you get all your Pokemon to your Pokemon Bank you can transfer them to your Pokemon Home. But if you need to download these services before the eShop for 3DS shuts down.

But that is not the only use for Pokemon Bank, it is also useful as extra storage. Each Pokemon game only lets you store a certain number of Pokemon. So this app is handy if you ran out of Boxes in them.

That covers this guide on why you should download and update the Poke Transporter & Pokemon Bank on your Nintendo 3DS. Speaking of old apps and games, if you are a Zelda fan then you should check out the rumored release date for Wind Waker HD for Switch.