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Download Cyberpunk 2077 Third Person Mod: Mod by Cineagle

It is possible to play Cyberpunk 2077 in a third-person view. You will need a mod to enable the 3rd person view in CP2077.

Want to play Cyberpunk 2077 in 3rd person mode?  Here is a guide that will help you to find a working Cyberpunk 2077 Third Person Mod. It is been under construction, and there is working proof of the same. To an extent is correct you can play the game in third person mode the challenge is to find a working mod and how the CP2077 really looks in 3rd person view.

Download Cyberpunk 2077 3rd Person Mod


Cineagle has uploaded a video on Youtube showing Cyberpunk 2077 in Third person mode. The video is below, which shows your character is revealed when the mod is activated. It looks a little funny to watch how the character moves around and how the view of the game changes. It looks glitchy, the mod seems to be still under construction.

The user has not provided the direct download link of the mod. It looks there are fixes left to make the mod perfect enough to make things look right. Cyberpunk 2077 on launch has gone through bugs and glitches. The developer has released a patch to fix the same. It will be interesting to find out how the mod works and let gamers give a new reason to try this game once again.


Cyberpunk 3rd Person Mod

Nexus Mods is another popular platform to hunt down mods for the game. I am listing some of the most popular mods for Cyberpunk 2077.

  1. Cyberpunk Autonomous ReShade – True HDR
  2. Config Overhaul for Cyberpunk 2077
  3. Cyberpunk 2077 Trainer – FLiNG
  4. Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Manager
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 All-in-One Performance Patcher (Patch 1.04)
  6. Cyberpunk 2077 Save Games – All Paths


Also, check out another CP 2077 Third person mod in action right here:

There are still more mods to look at, but you can try this out as they are the best ones. We will be updating this guide soon after getting Cyberpunk 2077 3rd person mod download. Till then you can try and have a look at the CP2077 Wiki guide for more details.