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Dota 2: How To Get The International Battle Pass 2020

Dota 2 just released the Battle Pass 2020 for The International World Tournament. Although the tournament has been rescheduled to 2021, Valve has decided to release the Battle passes in 2020 itself. The International is Dota’s official annual Championship.

16 teams compete against each other on this LAN tournament to earn the title of the best Dota team, the Aegis of Champions Trophy, and millions of dollars in prize money. This will be all worth it because, alongside the championship, we get the biggest update for Dota 2 of all time.


This update brings in a bucket load of new features like The Guild, All new Arcanas, Female Anti-Mage, Guild Challenges, Daily Contracts, The Labyrinth.

Aegis of the Champions

The Guild


The Guild in Dota 2 update will bring to you the chance of being a part of something bigger. You can join a community of like-minded Dota 2 gamers and engage in heart-wrenching battles against Demons and Ancients.

You can work together as a team to earn more points and rewards. As you level up your guilds, you can receive a ton of prizes and rankings in the leaderboard. Any Dota 2 is eligible to join a guild. Although, a guild can only be created by players who own the Battle Passes.


Perks of being a Battle Pass owner

  • Create your own Guilds and invite other players to join yours.
  • Unlock Equipment Sets
  • 2 New Personas unlocked- The Disciple’s Path and the Butcher.
  • Access to the ?? game mode
  • 3 New Arcanas – Compass off the Rising Gale, The One True King, and Eminence of Ristul.


How to buy the Battle Pass for Dota 2 The International 2020?

You need to be a Dota 2 player in order to unlock the Battle passes. Once you are a member of the Dota community –

  • Visit the official Dota 2 website.
  • You will see the promo for Battle Pass 2020.
  • There are 3 packs to choose from
  • Level 1 bundle for $9.99 – most basic Battle Pass
  • Level 50 Bundle for $29.35 – you save 5% on Level 50
  • Level 100 Bundle for $44.99 – you save 15% on Level 100

25% of the earnings from International Battle Passes 2020 go to the tournament prize pool. Until May 26, the prize pool had reached over $5,000,000 and was still growing. Dota 2 has been one of the biggest tournaments in the esports sector and shows no sign of stopping. If you are a fan of Dota 2, the time is ripe for you to go and grab the Battle passes for the International Championship 2020.