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Doom Eternal Takes Things Up a Notch With Its Latest Trailer

What more can be said about a guy who literally goes to hell and scares the undead, Doom has been one of the most familiar and loved franchise of all time and this time around Doom Eternal is trying to take things up a notch.


The new trailer for Doom Eternal was dropped during Bethesda’s E3 conference and we get to see more about the story with a release date. Doom is set to be released on 22nd of November 2019. This year-end is going to be one kickass gaming party with plenty of games coming.

Doom Eternal lets you destroy demons new and old alike, this new trailer shows a bunch of weapons and how to use them effectively to make sure that undead creatures do not rise up.

One of the best and biggest franchises of the past two decades, Doom has carved an audience for itself, with a heavy reliance on blood, gore, and unrelenting lust to destroy everything in sight.

There will be a multiplayer mode called BATTLEMODE which will certainly be interesting to say the least, hopefully, we’ll get to do as much or even more damage in this as we get to in the actual game.

Doom Eternal is scheduled to be released on 22nd of November 2019 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.


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