Doom Eternal Mod That Adds Avatar Type Light Effects

This is an cool mod

Doom Eternal is a journey to hell. Crafted in a chaotic landscape where you are the one who slays monsters, Doom Eternal is a cool game. To make it more cooler there is this unique mod that enhances the particle effects. The lights from weapons, ammo, and explosives are more vibrant. In this Doom Eternal Mod guide, you can learn about PARTICLES 9000 Mod that enhances the light quality from weapons. It also increases the light radius for all weapons, giving us a feel of ambient lights from Pandora.

Doom Eternal Mod to improve Light Effects

Go to and download PARTICLES 9000 mod for Doom Eternal. A free mod which does something different. It will increase the duration and amount of particle effects for all weapons and explosions in the game. This means when you shoot something there are tiny light particles from the explosion. This lights remains active for few seconds only, PARTICLES 9000 works on improving the effects.

Giving it more radiant look, and increasing the time for it to remain active. If you are looking for a more dynamic environment in Doom Eternal then this mod is for you. To install PARTICLES 9000 download DEternal_loadMods.

Do not forget to read the instructions properly and backup important files in case of problems. You can restore them instantly and fix the issues with the game. Several Doom Eternal mods can help you in trying something new in the game. PARTICLES 9000 is a simple mod that focus on the light quality coming out of Weapons, Ammos and Explosion. Check the video above for the mod effects.

Similar to this one there are many Graphic enhancements Mod for Doom Eternal. One of the major problems in using such mods is linked with game stability. As majority of mods requires you to modify the game files. To be on the safe side keep a file backup ready, you can try out various amazing mods in the campaign.