Doom Eternal All Easter Eggs You Cannot Miss

By Raaj
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Here are all Doom Eternal easter eggs, these are some of the best references you cannot miss. Starting from Doom Classic to various other games developed by ID Software there is something always related. Also, some Doom Eternal easter eggs also point to movies, animated series and lot more. In this article, you will find all Doom Eternal easter eggs along with their location.

Doom Eternal Easter Eggs

1. Dope Fish –

Doom Eternal Dopefish Easter Egg

Part of Commander Keen developed by ID Software in the year 1991, a DOS game. It is one of the most famous jump run and side scroller game. Dopefish is an enemy in Commander Keen 4, which is termed one of the biggest in-game jokes in the video game industry. Based on Wikipedia, Dopefish is the second dumbest creature in the universe. This is really hilarious. You will see the fish on chips packets as well on many locations around Doom Eternal. “Dopefish Lives”.

2. Daisy

Doom Eterna John Wick Easter Egg

Does this name reminds you of something, Daisy is Doom Slayer’s pet rabbit. Appeared first in classic Doom, the death of Daisy is the reason which motivates Doom guy to slay Demons. Daisy is also the name of the beagle puppy gifted to John Wick by his wife. A Russian gangster steals his car and kills Daisy that leads to rising of Baba Yaga. A painting of Demon Slayer with Daisy is on the left of the main control room in Fortress of Doom. Bunny will be spotted in various locations similar to the Dope fish, some time outside windows, near Doom Slayer paint glass window, etc.

3. Lil Bits Really Tiny Candy

Doom Eternal Lil Bits Easter Egg

A reference from Rick and Morty by Adult Swim. Short vide of around 44 seconds went live on YouTube in 2015. Here is the full video.

6. Mr. FuzzyDoom Eternal Easter Egg Mr Fuzzy

Mr. Fuzzy is a toy in Doom Eternal which can be spotted through store window. It is a toy from Fallout 76. There is an entire challenge to collect all Mr. Fuzzy teddy in Fallout 76

5. How to Comb your Mustache Book

Doom Eterna Markiplier Easter Egg

At Fortress of Doom, there is a bookshelf that has a book orange “How to Comb your Mustache Book” written by Cliffton M. Fishbach.  The author is the father of the famous Youtuber Markiplier. There are more books which refer to something interesting. Here are some of the references you can enjoy.

  1. Why I’m so great Pt 2 by Dork Norkem – Reference to Duke Nukem
  2. Mesa Science Monthly – Reference to Black Mesa Research Facility in Half-Life
  3. Living with Rage – Reference to Rage game, you will see a doom slayer car dashboard toy in the first game.
  4. RET-Conned: The Life and Times of Flynn Taggart – If you remember you will need to type a password “FLYNNTAGGART” in a PC to unlock Doom Classic. Fynn Targgart is the name of Doom Slayer used in the book but not in the game.
  5. Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide – Reference of Fallout.
  6. Commander Kee: Look at the top of bookshelf for Commander Keen gun and helmet.

6. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Doom Eternal Easter Egg Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

Next to the old pc which unlocks Doom Classic, there is a skateboard. It is a reference to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 video game released in 1999 which also has a Doom guy skin.

7. The Terminal Thumbs Up

Doom Eternal Lava Animation Easter Egg

In Doom 2016 you will see the doom guy giving a thumbs up while he falls in the lava, a reference from Terminator movie. In Doom Eternal the easter egg is hidden. Because when you fall in lava you will not die instantly until all your health and extra lives are consumed. After completing falling down the Doom Guy will give back the thumbs up at the end of dying animation.

8. The Unmakyr

Unmakyr comes from Doom 64, at that time the gun was not having a proper name. But now the gun is locked in the Fortress of Doom and read our guide on how to get the Unmakyrk in Doom Eternal.

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