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How To Play Dominoes In Far Cry 6 (Money Making Guide)

Dominoes is one of the mini-games in Far Cry 6 and here is how to play and make some Pesos.

Mini-games allow you to make some instant cash in Far Cry 6. If it’s Cock Fighting or racing down the valley. Dominoes is one of the mini-games in Far Cry 6 that is available in the most important camp. I am going to share step-by-step details on how to play and win in Dominoes in Far Cry 6. Each match can reward you with 100 pesos or more. The goal of this mini-game is similar to the real world dominoes.

How to Play & Win Dominoes Game in Far Cry 6?


FC6 Dominoes

After you are done with Juan, you will head to Monteiro Farm. Clara will reveal the entire strategy of taking over Yara. This is where you will be introduced to new camps and their leader. Monteiro Farm is one of them. This is the most important camp in Far Cry 6. You will get access to the workbench, co-op missions, black market trade, cock fighting here. Next, you will have to unlock El Tigre’s camp. This is where you will find some people playing Dominoes. Follow the below steps.


The first thing to do is find El Tigre’s camp is on Promise Peaks located in Sierra Perdida (El Este). He stays high in the mountain, refer to the video above on how to reach El Tigre’s camp. Once you are there look for wooden stairs and follow them. You soon land among a table of four where three people are already playing the game. Walk near and press E. Here are the rules of Dominoes game in Far Cry 6.

  • It is a Turn-based game. Players must grow chains by connecting matching dots.
  • Players who have no matching tiles will skip their turn.
  • The game ends when there are no moves left and players with the lowest value will win.

So make sure you are placing the right dominoes with the lowest dots on them. Let’s say someone has placed a Dominoe of 1 + 2, place 4 + 1 on the left. Keep the lowest value with you always it will help you to win the game in the end. Watch the video below to see how it actually works. The below has a full video of the game along with how much you will make in the end. You can place a small or high amount on every table and enjoy this peaceful game.


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