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DogLife Top Dog All Features And Should You Buy It?

DogLife has many features that unlock after you become Top Dog. In this guide check out all the features you get and is it worth becoming Top Dog.

DogLife is a game developed for Android and iOS where you can play as a dog or a cat. In this game, you get to play and live as a pet and experience different situations. These include you visiting the vet or getting into fights with other animals and other scenarios. But while the free version of the game is good but it lacks certain features that you get in Top Dog. So in this guide let us take a look at all the DogLife Top Dog features and should you get it.

What are the Features you get in Top Dog DogLife?


dog life top dog features

There are certain benefits you get when you upgrade DogLife to Top Dog. These are all the features you get when upgrading to Top Dog.

  • All dog breeds: You unlock all the breeds of dogs that are there in the game.
  • All cat breeds: Not only does this option unlock the ability for you to play as a cat. But you can also unlock all the different breeds of cats that the game has to offer.
  • The ability to customize appearance & attributes: This feature is pretty handy as it not only lets you change the name of your pet. But you can also modify some of their attributes like their in-game stats.
  • You can edit and modify humans and animals: As the name suggests you can edit and modify the owners, animals, and humans.
  • Dark mode: A gamer doesn’t need any introduction to Dark mode. Just enjoy the game peacefully, as it gets visually even better when not played in Light mode.
  • Can locate and find lost animals: You get to locate lost animals and find them.
  • Removes all ads: If you are annoyed by in-game advertisements then this is all the more reason for you to get the Top Dog version of the game. Once you get it you get no more ads.

The Top Dog comes at a price of around 2.99$. So, if you like the above features, then you could consider buying it else you can let it pass.

That covers all the feature benefits that you get when you get Top Dog in DogLife. If you like playing this game then be sure to check out our other guide on all achievements list and how to complete them for DogLife: BitLife Dogs. And if you enjoy playing more games for Android and iOS then be sure to check out our Mobile Game guides.