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Elden Ring: Does Arcane Increase Bleed?

Wondering if Arcane can increase bleed damage in Elden Ring? You are not alone, check out this guide to learn about it.

If you plan to use weapons that make your opponents bleed in Elden Ring you should learn if Arcane increases bleed. This is one of the easily overlooked features of the game. Having knowledge of how it works will change the way you use your weapons. So without further ado let us quickly learn if Arcane can increase bleed damage in Elden Ring.

Does Arcane Increase Bleed in Elden Ring?


elden ring does arcane increase bleed

The answer is yes and no both. The situation where Arcane affects bleed depends on the weapon. If a weapon has Arcane scaling then it will increase bleed buildup, but if a weapon doesn’t have the scaling then it won’t make a difference. Thanks to user u/Battle_Bear_819 on Reddit for sharing the information on bleed buildup with Arcane. You can check the entire discussion on this thread here. Let us take a look at the example from the best bleed weapons available in the game from our list: the Reduvia Dagger and the Uchigatana.

By default, the Reduvia Dagger has the following weapon scaling:


  • Str (Strength) E
  • Dex (Dexterity) D
  • Arc (Arcane) D

So as you can see here it has a scaling of D. So if you intend on using the Reduvia Dagger then you should definitely increase your Arcane level. As it will help you with the bleed buildup. Now let us check the Uchigatana.

By default, the Uchigatana has the following weapon scaling:


  • Str (Strength) D
  • Dex (Dexterity) D

As you can see above there is no Arcane scaling in this weapon. So no matter how high your character’s Arcane level is it won’t affect your bleed buildup.

So in conclusion it comes down to your build. If you plan to use weapons that have arcane scaling in them then do level up that stat. But if you choose to use other weapons then you can skip leveling up this stat. Also, if you do plan to make a build around Arcane then check our guide on Arcane Scaling bug. Here you can learn the exact issue with Arcane builds that the players are facing right now.


That answers this question of whether Arcane increases Bleed in Elden Ring. Since you now know about Arcane scaling and bleed you should definitely check our other guides on best faith weapons and best seals. Also for other things about this game check our dedicated section for Elden Ring.