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DMX – X Gon’ Give It To Ya Song Mod Makes Resident Evil 2 Even More Scarier

Free Download DMX Mod for RE2 & Biohazard

Want to pump the horror scenes of Resident Evil 2 and RE2 Biohazard then try out the free DMX mod. The mod adds DMX – X Gon’ Give It To Ya whenever Mr. X appears in the game. You can watch the preview below.


The song turns the scenario even more horrific, there are certain locations where Mr. X appears and as you visit the below location you can listen to the song in the background.

  • Raccoon Police Department
  • Parking Garage (Claire)
  • Orphanage (Claire)
  • Upper Sewers (Ada)
  • Green House (Leon)

DMX mod is available for free from Steam, for installation the extract the files in the game directory. Use music_resident.pck.mod.exe to enable or disable the mod, but turn off the game first. The modder had warned about a virus in the files, some anti-virus will point Trojan, advanced users can use the sources in the zip to compile the mod by themselves to avoid security issues.

Download DMX Mod For RE2


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