Devil May Cry 5 – How To Unlock Secret Ending Guide

Fastest Way To Get Secret Ending By Killing The Demon King Boss

Devil May Cry 5 has a hidden secret ending, in this guide, you will find an exact and fastest step to unlock the Secret Ending by killing the Demon King. It is not hard to find, but what matters is to approach the demon king strategically, he is very strong his few attacks can bury you in the ground.

How To Get Secret Ending Fast

To get secret ends you will need to upgrade your skills first. This is one of the best moments of Devil May Cry 5 where you can end the game fast without starting properly. So if you are of those craving for ending then let’s begin.

Set the difficulty to lowest or else you won’t be able to kill the Devil Lord Urizen. Nero will meet this demon in one of the prologue mission, and he is tough to beat. This is the first major encounter with the mysterious figure in Devil May Cry 5.


If you choose heaven or hell mode one single hit is enough to kill you, so set the difficulty to Human before you proceed to attack Devil Lord Urizen. He will be available multiple times in the game, and killing him will unlock the secret ending.

How To Kill Devil Lord Urizen

Urizen is a Demon King, in DMC you will be facing his multiple time, especially in Mission 8 where you have to crawl all the way up to meet the Demon King. Your path will be blocked by plenty of Demon because you are in the king’s territory. The mission is designed in a way where you die and then there is a cutscene. This is the place where you have to attack and kill him.

If you had set the game difficulty to Human then it is possible to beat him without getting killed. The demon king is strong and powerful, he can freeze time and cause an explosion. So make your move smartly and keep hitting him. The fight will keep going one for around 10 to 15 minutes before he finally dies and you win the game with an instant.

Tips to kill the Demon King:

  • Dodge every attack, one can cause really high damage. So first learn to dodge.
  • Attack the crystal that will break his shield. Once the shield is broken you can attack the Demon King.
  • Attack the head after you break the shield, go near and attack the head as much as possible.

With the following tips, you can definitely take down the Demon King and reach the game secret ending after this.

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