Division 2 Artifacts Collectible Guide – Relics and Paintings Location

Its Time To Get All 13 Relics and Paintings

Division 2 has loot and artifacts littered all over the world, there are paintings and relics that you can find in the game. This guide will show you the exact location of where to find relics and artifacts in The Division 2.

The location of relics and paintings in The Division 2 are as follows:

White House

George Washington’s Battle Sword and Scabbard

To find this item, leave the White House from the southeastern gate and you will see three trees two thin and one bushy. Move towards these trees and look around to find a slain body, you will find the sword and the scabbard there.

Portrait of Ginevra de’ Benci

Before you are set on your journey locating this painting, make sure that you have completed the liberation of Ellipse Fuel Depot Control Point, which is located in the middle of Ellipse Rd NW and 15th St NW. Once you have completed this, head inside the underground tunnel and find the supply room. Go down the stairs and follow the corridor to the room which is at the end and this is where you will find the painting.

Downtown East

Crystal Skull

You will need to go the middle of 14th St NW and G St NW and find a parking sign which will be on the left, look for a hot dog stand nearby. You will find the relic there.

St George and the Dragon

Find the intersection between 12th St NW and F St NW and enter the metro which leads to the underground. Follow this route and go up when you see the escalator. Move towards the HxC store and you will see an opening on your left. You will find the artifact here.

Federal Triangle

Judith Leyster

Find the intersection between Pennsylvania Ave NW and 10th St NW and move southwards till you see the Department of Justice. Directly opposite to it is a door open. Go there and you will see stairs on your left, follow the corridor which will lead you to another doorway which will lead you outside. Find a ladder on your left which will take you to the roof, once there go through the window on your left and you will find the painting there.

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