Division 2 All Orange Crate Locations – 11 Gear Dye Location

Get The Best Customization To Make Your Gear Look Unique

In The Division 2 you can customize your gears using Gear Dye. It comes from Orange Crates, that are dropped and always hanging on some trees. The crates are not that complicated to find in this Division 2 All Orange Crate Locations guide we will give you 11 locations to find Gear Dyes. Once you spot the crates shoot and collect the loot.

Eleven Orange Crate Location To Obtain Gear Dye

Gear dyes in different colors like Solid – Admiral, Green, Atlantic Blue, etc you can use them to customize your backpacks and other gears.


Orange Crate West End Location: Near Washing Circle, look for a statue on the horses, on its right there is a tree with orange crate hanging on it.


Orange Crate Ellipse RD NW Location: Right in straight of the white house there is are some trees at little far near the circle. The crate will be hanging on one of the trees, just follow the light.


Orange Crate Pennsylvania Ave NW Location: On the east of White house, locate the building in the image above, go inside and from the lower floor look straight to the top, the crates is hanging in between.


Orange Crate 3rd St NW Location: On the West side of Capitol Hill not to far there is a crashed plane. Near it is a tree with the crate. Walk towards 3rd St NW.


Orange Crate Final Epiphany Location: This is bit tricky to find, from Final Epiphany safe location, walk a bit south east to reach the building shown in the image above. Stay on 13th ST NW, and you will see a control point. Look for the American Flags, follow the line till you see escalator on the right. Go down, turn right and continue following the path till see another one on right. Walk straight and exit from left end. You will be inside the building, look above the coconut tree.


Orange Crate South Downtown East Location: On the south of Downtown East, walk towards the building showed in above image. It has two exit, south and north. Take north exit, walk towards end and turn left to go on the roof. The stairs on right will take you on an upper lever, look for ladder in right corner. Go up and look on top you will spot the parachute, below is the crate.


Orange Crate Taxi Graveyard Location: On the south of Taxi Graveyard here to the big road. The crate is on one of the trees, it is easy to spot, just walk on the street as marked in the map above.


Orange Crate West Potomac Location: In the region towards south west side as marked on the map, walk a little ahead and look for a crane, you will find the orange crate.


Orange Crate West Potomac Location: In the same region you have to walk near the big pool and on the street look for a crashed ship and huge boulder, the crate is right in front of it.


Orange Crate West Potomac Location: Go near Evacuation Route Arlington Bridge and look on right on the tree.


Orange Crate Southwest Location: The last one is in Southwest Region, you have to locate the road as shown in the map look on the right top on a building for a fallen network transmitter.

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