The Division 2 Talent Guide – Find The Best & Strongest Gear Talent

All Talents and Effects

Division 2 Gear Talent Guide gives info on best talents like a safeguard, berserk, braced, centered, creeping death, gunslinger, mad bomber, surge, vital, etc. Get the full talent list and find out which is the best and strongest talent in Division 2.

The Division 2 Gear Talent Guide will give you a list of all talents and what they do. There are around 31 Gear Talents in Division 2, they are Safeguard, Berserk, Braced, Centered, Cloaked, Creeping Death, Fill’er Up, Entrench, Gunslinger, Mad Bomber, Obliterate, On the Ropes, Patience, Payload, Restorative, Skilled, Spotter, Terminate, Top Order, Unbreakable, Unstoppable Force, Capacitive, Destructive, Hard Hitting, Hardened, Insulated, Self Adjusting, Surge and Vital.

Gear Talents have positive and negative effects, so they become a bit complicated to use, we will focus on special abilities, what buff you get as an additional benefit to boost your power of the Gear. Active Talents are applicable to Current Gear while Passive is applicable to your Character.

The Division 2 Gear Talents Guide

We had sorted the list of Gear Talents on the basis of Health, Immunity, armor, weapon damage, skills, etc.

Talents that favors Health & Immunity

  1. Safeguard: 150% Bonus to repair and heal for 20 seconds on killing a target. (75% for PvP)
  2. Vital: +20% Health
  3. Restorative: +10% Health on Kill
  4. Centered: 10-second immunity for every headshot. Requires 4 or higher Defense Stats.

Talents that favors Weapons, Damage, and Armor

  1. On The Ropes: +25% Weapon Damage while skills cool down or have zero charges. Requires 7 or higher Utility Stats.
  2. Berserk: +10% Weapon Damage for every -10% of Max Armor. Work for SMG, Shotguns and Assault Rifles.
  3. Braced: +15% Weapon Handling when in cover.
  4. Entrench: +5% Armor for every headshot form cover. Works only with Rifle or Marksman.
  5. Gunslinger: Refill sidearm ammo + 20% weapon damage for the entire magazine reload only if you can swap it within 3 seconds of a kill. Requires 5 Defensive Stats.
  6. Terminate: 15-second window for +35% Skill Damage after depleting enemies armor.
  7. Fill’er Up: Reload all empty weapons.
  8. Gunslinger: Refill sidearm ammo + 20%
  9. Unstoppable Force: +2% Weapon Damage for every 10,000 Max Amor by killing. Requires 7 or higher Defense Stats.
  10. Patience: 3-second window in a cover to get +5% Armor Repair every 1 second. Requires 7 or higher Defensive Stats.
  11. Unbreakable: +25% Repairs for Armor when it is depleted + Armor kits used before 5 seconds is can be re-used.
  12. Hardened: +10% Armor.

Talents that favors Explosives

  1. Mad Bomber: +150% Radius for Grenade explosion. On enemy, kill grenades can be re-used.
  2. Payload: +50% Explosive Damage for 15 seconds after destroying the enemy’s asset. Requires 4 for higher Defensive Stats.
  3. Top Order: Cook grenade by holding the Fire button.
  4. Destructive: +20% Explosive Damage.

Talents that favors Stealth, Tracking & Skills

  1. Cloaked: Enemies cannot track you when you have a broken armor. Requires 3 Skill Stat.
  2. Creeping Death: Increase status effect radius to 10 meters, affects all enemy within range. Can be used every 15 seconds, requires 4 Offense Stat.
  3. Obliterate: 5-second window for +25% Critical hit Damage after destroying the enemy’s armor. Requires 4 or higher Offense Stats.
  4. Skilled: +35% Chance to reset Skill Cool down, requires 4 or higher Utility stats.
  5. Spotter: +10% Weapon Damage to pulsed enemies. Requires 5 or higher Utility stats.
  6. Capacitive: +20 Skill Duration.
  7. Hard Hitting: +15% Elites Damage.
  8. Insulated: +20% Hazard Protection.
  9. Self Adjusting: +20% Armor Regeneration.
  10. Surge: +10% Skill Haste.

Getting stats is not easy in The Division 2, there are different section and there is a new update coming up on April 5, Friday. This new update will balance a lot according to the news allowing players to easily engage with mods and talents.

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