Division 2 Friday Update – April 5 Patch Notes On The Way

Kevin Almeida
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Do you want to know what are the new changes are for The Division 2 in upcoming Friday Update that will release on April 5, 2019? Well, one of the biggest change speculated to be part of Friday Update is dropping new World tier, New Stronghold, Skill Updates, Skill Modes, and New Weapon Modes.

April 5 Friday Update will also focus on balancing the weapons to give players a competitive chance against NPC’s and other players. We are waiting to get more detailed info however we are able to track down an overview of what big things the Patch will add in The Division 2.

As per various news sources, Friday Update will bring a major change in Skill Mods, which for the time being are not that beneficial for gamers. It demands high stats, the new patch can reduce the requirements and let players to test more to find how well they can utilize their skills against their enemies.

The second big change to discuss is the weapons mods, one of the main things that contribute a lot to a balanced build in the Division 2. Current Weapon Mods carries highs and lows, they boost certain stats along with an impact, so the update can reduce the negative traits of mods encouraging players to use it more frequently.

As usual, a new update means new things, The Division 2 will be getting more additional add-on under Weapons and Skills. We are unsure of this right now, but we will update it as soon as we get the patch notes.

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