Division 2 – How To Unlock World Tier 5

Find what you have to do to enter into World Tier 5

After completing The Division 2 there is still a lot to do, like playing competitive missions in the new World Tier. World Tiers are end-game mission and you have to reach a certain level in order to participate. To unlock Word Tier first thing is to do is reach Level 30 and finish all three main strongholds in Division 2. This will give you access to World Tier 1 and then World 2 and so on. World Tier 5 is the latest one introduces recently after 1.05 Patch. In this Division Guide, you will find How to Unlock World Tier 5.

How To Unlock World Tier 5

Complete Division 2 and World Tier 4 to progress to World Tier 5. You will need a Gear Score of 450, and in World Tier play Capitol Building and Roosevelt Island stronghold to progress to the new World Tier. There is some side mission that is available in Tier 4. These side missions will unlock Tidal Basin Invaded Mission that will give you access to World Tier 5. You might be curious to find what new rewards you get in World Tier 5, is it worth enough to grind hours to search for rewards. Check the below list then.

World Tier 5 Rewards

Gear Score increases from 450 to 500 – New Gear Score Cap. There are three new gear sets – True Patriot, Ongoing Directive, and Hardwired. Below are their statistics. New World Tier also adds heroic difficulty in the game to give more loots. Missions under Heroic difficulty are hard and you are not allowed to use any checkpoints. You can choose to play Weekly Missions, where you will earn a bonus reward like higher loot drops or there are possible chances you might also earn a special Gear Set.

True Patriot Stats:

  • 2 – 10% Increased armor damage
  • 3 – 10% less damage from elites
  • 4 – 10% Additional armor
  • 5 – Causes enemies to have one of three debuffs: deal less damage, heal allies, or lower your skill
  • cool down when hit. A single enemy can have all three debuffs.
  • 6 – Shooting enemy with all three debuffs damages other enemies in range.

Ongoing Directive:

  • 2 – 20% Increased weapon handling
  • 3 – 25% Additional burn damage
  • 4 – 25% Additional bleed damage
  • 5 – Automatically pick up restock items within 40-meter radius every 30 seconds
  • 6 – Gain ammo for alternate weapons upon kill.

Hard Wired:

  • 2 – 20% Skill health
  • 3 – 20% Shock resistance
  • 4 – 20% Skill power
  • 5 – All skills receive shock ability every 10 seconds.
  • 6 – Reduced cooldown on skills after killing with skill.
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