How To Go Rogue In Division 2 – Guide

Stand Against Those Who Stand For You

Division 2 has a feature the Rogue mode where you act against your allies. You can go rogue using the toggle system. There are some controls to press and you turn into an enemy of the clan that was fighting with you. In this Division 2 how to go rogue guide you will also learn about Dark Zone Rogue Strategy, the game has three new Dark Zones. You can go rogue and there are some different methods of doing this.

Steps To Go Rogue in Division 2

You can go rogue through your own accord just use the toggle system. Press the D-pad in the game and you will be able to change the player status. You can do this by pressing the Touchpad in PS4, Menu or Back button in Xbox and Ctrl+Z in PC. By using the Toggle system will make you ready for the PvP battle.

Second way of going Rogue is using Rogue Loops mini-missions. Look for skull icons on the map and you can play Rogue Loops maps that will also increase your Rogue Meter if you complete them successfully. You can also turn Rogue by hacking terminals in the game. It will fill the Rogue meter to 100 Percent thus turning you into Rogue in the process. Also opening enough boxes contribute the same.

You will earn Manhunt status if you are doing too many Rogue Loops in less time. Under this, there is a bounty on your head and you turn to be the primary target of your team.

Going rogue in Dark Zones requires a strategy, so we have a dedicated guide that gives you four important points to keep in your mind if are prepared to go Rogue in Dark Zone.

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