The Division 2 Dark Zone Rogue Strategy Guide

Going Rogue in The Division 2 means betraying the Division and going against everything you stood for, in hopes of gaining personal benefit. The Dark Zone feature in The Division 2 lets players go against one another and is one of the biggest features in the game.

Though going rogue seems wrong but it does yield in getting the players some pretty terrific loot, and if you are thinking of going rogue, you will need to know the following.

the division 2 rogue

How To Go Rogue in Division 2

There are two ways that agents can go rogue in The Division 2

Agents can collect specific special chests in the Dark Zone, the chests are scattered all over the map and have a few set locations but they can spawn almost randomly so it cannot be pinpointed. Collecting these chests can be beneficial for teams who do not wish to partake in battling other agents and want to keep a low profile.

The other way is to turn on the rogue toggle, this will alert surrounding nearby agents so be careful. This option gives a thrill of being hunted while you are on the run and is one of the hardest modes in the game.

Agents also need to know when exactly to go rogue to get the most of the game, as you go, rogue, you will have to kill other agents which will allow you to get their items.

1. You need to make sure that everyone in your team is ready to go, rogue, as everyone in the team gets marked and becomes a target for other players to hunt.

2. Try to catch other teams off guard, if you are going rogue, make sure you have an advantage over the other teams and make sure you can make it out alive.

3. Going rogue means betraying the Division and if you are going to do that why not take is a step further by infiltrating another team, gaining their trust and then turning to make sure you get the most.

4. Have a set goal, keep objectives which are achievable and try and go rogue just before the extraction arrives, so that you can take down other agents and steal their loot.

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