How To Earn XP Fast In The Division 2 – Guide

Tips to get 800 to 1000XP In The Game

Every time you kill an enemy or get an item you will be rewarded some XP in the game. More XP means a higher level than in turn impacts on the type of weapons and loot you get in Division 2. So getting as much as XP during the start is important. In this Division guide, we will tell you how to get XP fast and upgrade yourself. XP is rewarded for completing missions, getting collectibles, etc.

How To Get XP Fast – 4 Best Methods

There are some perks in Division 2 that contribute a lot to XP. These perks will amplify the amount of XP’s you get in the game and it is necessary to get them to unlock during the first few hours of the game. Division 2 is not an easy game, there hundreds of things to do, so as you reach to the high level it becomes easier for you to kill stronger enemies and get more loot.

Unlock These Perks To Boost Increase XP Earning

Visit Quartermaster and go to the Perks tab. There are some very important perks to increase XP earning, you have to pay SHD Tech to unlock these.

  1. Headshot Accolade: Earn XP Bonus on Headshots.
  2. Multi-Kill Accolade: Earn XP Bonus when you kill multiple enemies at one time.
  3. Weakpoints Accolade: Earn XP Bonus when you kill enemy by attacking the weak points.
  4. Tactical Kill Accolade: Earn XP Bonus by killing the enemy by using objects in the environment.

Hunt For Collectibles

The Division 2 has lots of collectibles scattered all around the region. There are five types of collectibles in Division 2, they are Artifact, Comms, SHD Tech, Backpack Trophy, and Echo. There is an integrative map that will help you a lot in finding many things in Division 2, click the link below.

Whenever you are near to a collectible the mini-map will guide you its location. Look for a small cell phone icon and others in the region. Cell phone icons which are Comms will reward you 40X and electronic tapes will reward you as high as 800XP. This is a fast way to level without playing missions.

Side Missions

There are many side missions marked on Division 2 map, there are chances that you might earn more than a 1000XP by playing them. If you find gathering collectibles too time-consuming them go to the map and pick a side mission. Re-stock your supplies and complete the game.

Play With Friends

Try playing with your friends or other online players. On the map, you might here a call from someone to help you in a mission. Remember the enemy level will rise on the basis of the highest level player in the group, this does not mean it will get tough, but you get enough support to complete side missions fast in the game. Also, in the end, depending on the highest player level you will also earn XP Boost.

Division 2 has a glitch where you can reach Player Level 30 cap pretty instantly, for more info you can read our guide How To Easily Get Max Agent Level.

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