How To Easily Get Max Agent Level In The Division 2 – Guide

Reach To Player Level 30 In Few Hours

Players Levels increase as you keep earning XP in Division 2. You get XP by killing enemies and higher level means you get stronger weapons and gears. If you are on a lower level then it is necessary you focus on getting max level in Division 2. Max level cap for an agent is Level 30 and this requires hours of gameplay. You have to play a lot of missions and side mission to get at the highest level so that you get stronger weapons in the game. In this get a max level guide of Division 2 we are going to save your time by telling you exactly how you can reach Level 30 without much effort. Division 2 has a glitch that allows you to do this.

Fastest Way To Reach Agent Level 30

Compare to hours of grinding by playing one single side mission you can earn a high level, there is an XP glitch in Division 2 that offers players an easy Level 30 without much effort. But it requires a team play, you will need a friend for this. By reaching a high level you will unlock Dark Zone and quickly you can reach end game to get more exotic weapons.

To get to Level 30 easily you have to complete a Side Mission with an Agent who is on Level 30. The side mission will reward you around 33% experience and when you have a Level 30 Agent with you it will boost experience for everyone playing. One Agent with Level 30 can boost 3 other players levels after completing the mission and this strategy works. By playing around three to four side mission with a Level 30 player you can easily reach Level 30 within a couple of hours.

What Happens After Reaching Level 30

Once Agent reaches Level 30 you can unlock one of the three Specializations. This will also unlock Signature Weapons and extra skills to match the specialization play style. The three specializations are Survivalist, Demolitionist, and Sharpshooter. To know more you can check our guide How To Unlock Specialization.

Max Level cap is the most important to do in Division 2 once you start playing the game. Finding an agent with Max Level 30 is an ask but you can scan among your friend or also search on online community there will be someone to help.

Next thing to do is to upgrade your gears and weapons, by doing this you will get more and more powerful in the game. Try playing new co-op activities or check new missions in the PvP section of the game.

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