How To Safely Extract Loot From Dark Zone In Division 2

Important points to remember before you jump on a chopper with your loot

Getting loot safely out from Division 2 Dark Zone can be challenging, but there is something you must know. If you are leveled up enough to enter Dark Zone then taking out your loot safely is not easy. In this guide, we will tell how you can safely extract loot for Dark Zone in The Division 2. There are certain points you can follow to pull out your loot safely, or else other players can kill you and take everything. Everything hard earned will be disappeared in seconds. So let’s begin.

How To Extract Loot Safely From Dark Zone

Before you get your loot to look properly for a safe extraction point. Go in Maps and search for bright orange arrow icons. It is the extraction point from where you can call a chopper and escape with your loot.

Activate GPS for accurate direction to reach the nearest Extraction Point. Shoot flare by pressing Square Button on PS4 or X on Xbox One to signal the chopper for extraction. A yellow icon on player indicates that you can kill him and rob his loot, the same can appear on you when you are running around with a fresh loot.

You will see a wait time countdown timer, you have to wait for around 20 seconds max till the chopper lands on the extraction point. This might sound very easy, but as soon as you shoot a flare to signal chopper other players in the area already know you are ready for going home. They will try to attack and rob your loot.

You have to find a safe point to till the chopper lands, as soon as you see it coming walk towards it and press Square to attack your loot. Wait there for some seconds and you are good to go. You can dump all your loot into the Stash box after getting out from Dark Zone.

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