Division 2 How to Farm and Use E-Credits

`E-credits come in handy when you are playing Tom Clancy’ The Division 2 as it helps you purchase level-appropriate weapons and armor from a vendor in time of need. Though it is not clearly stated how you can earn the in-game currency quickly enough, this guide will help you to farm E-credits faster.

Farming E-Credits in Division 2

The best way to farm E-credits in Division 2 is to sell trinkets which are random items you get from looting boxes and bags in the open world or when you are on a mission.

You can sell lots of trinkets by pressing the appropriate button shown, this will increase the speed of the process and free up more time for you, though you should keep an eye and not sell anything that you wish to keep.

Things to buy

Once you have collected enough amount of E-credits that you wish to have, you can visit vendors and buy weapons and gear that you wish to have. Though it is to be noted that you should not sell everything that you collect as you will need them to craft newer weapons for you to use them.

For crafting you will need to pay a small sum of amount, so make sure you have enough E-credits.

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