The Division 2 Daily Bounties Unlock Location Guide

Daily bounties are a great way to earn tech, cash, and XP in The Division 2 but to be able to collect these bounties you will have to unlock Otis Sykes. That’s easier said than done though, as you will have to complete a couple of things before you can recruit Otis and get daily bounties.

Daily Bounties

Daily bounties are extra elimination targets that you can engage in to collect an additional amount of cash, gear, and XP. You have to be careful as these bounties are time sensitive but the best thing about these is that they come around every day and each is a unique opportunity to get more than what just the missions offer.

How to Collect To Daily Bounties

the division 2 otis sykes

To be able to collect bounties and get healthy rewards you will first have to recruit Otis Sykes, you will have to complete the second Campus Settlement mission at the DCD Headquarters. Once you have completed this you can find him at the entrance of the campus. After you interact with him, you can get access to daily bounties.

How to find Daily Bounties

You will need to access the map to check out the daily bounties that are available. Simply hover your cursor over the bounties and it will give you a brief on your target and the time remaining for you to complete the bounty.

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