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All Divine Beast Helm Locations In Zelda TOTK

Divine Beast Helms are hidden around different topographies, making them difficult to track. Thus refer to this Mask location guide and get all of them in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Divine Beast Masks of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom offers resistive and other abilities. Giving it status among the most helpful wearable items, but getting these Divine Helms can be tricky, as they are hidden in different areas with various climates and topography. Thus, to make your work easier, we have provided all the locations of Divine Masks in Zelda TotK.

Zelda TOTK All Divine Beast Masks Locations

Zelda TotK Divine Mask Chest
Image Source: 100% Guides on YouTube

In BotW and Hyrule Warriors, Divine Beasts were one of the most reliable companions of the players. Who are nowhere to be found in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. But to fill this void, players are given four Divine Beast theme Masks obtainable from these locations.

Vah Medoh Divine Helm

  • North Biron Snowshelf Cave (-3958, 3270, 0241)

The Vah Medoh Divine Helm of Zelda TotK is found inside the hidden cave of the Hebra Mountains in Biron Snowshelf. Once you reach the mentioned coordinates. You will be faced with a big boulder, blocking the entrance to the cave. So, move the boulder using weapons and explosive items to enter the cave. Then keep making a path by blasting cracked rocks.

This will take you to a large room filled with water. Now, you require to increase the water level of the room. You can do this by blasting hidden cracked rocks from three sides of the wall. Once it has regained the water level, the entrance to the helm room will open. Then enter the room and open the chest to receive the Vah Medoh Divine Mask.

Vah Naboris Divine Beast Helm of Zelda TotK

  • West Gerudo Underground Ruins (-4672, -1976, 0024)

This second Divine helm is hidden in Gerudo Desert Ruins found south of Mayamats Shrine. Just go to the exact location, and blast the area to enter the underground. Then explore the place to find Vah Naboris Divine Mask.

Vah Rudania Divine Helm

Vah Rudania Divine Helm TotK
Image Source: BeardBear on YouTube
  • Lizard’s Burrow (2200, 3078, 0406)

Reach the mentioned coordinates and break the cracked rocks in front of you. This will open the entrance to the cave. And with a little exploration, you will come across a chest that contains Vah Rudania Divine Helm.

Vah Ruta Divine Helm of Zelda TotK

  • Cave Under Zora’s Domain (3237, 0354, 0095)

This last Mask is hidden under the waterfall near Great Zora Bridge. The cave is filled with Magna, so you will need a Glider. Use the Glider to cross the Magna zone and reach the chest area containing Vah Ruta Divine Helm.

That sums up our Divine Beast Masks locations guide for Zelda TotK. Hopefully, you discovered all the helm and have expanded your inventory with the best resistive masks. If you did, skim our site to read other Tears of the Kingdom location guide. Such as Hestu locations and Forge Constrict locations of the TotK.