How To Distract Enemies In A Plague Tale Innocence

Distraction will help you to pass out safely and its an important part of game you will be using a lot

Distracting enemies is important in A Plague Tale Innocence, there will be tons of soldiers in your way and you have to stay with Hugo helping him out to pass safely. If you leave him he will panic and attract enemies, so in this Plague Tale Innocence tips, you will learn how to distract enemies and what objects to use for distraction like rocks, pots, etc.

How To Distract Enemies using Rocks and Pots

How To Use Rocks For Distraction:

Distract Enemies In A Plague Tale Innocence

Rocks are common and can be found in many places. Pick one and avoid using the Slingshot, because it makes noise. Press L1 to throw it by hand on a distant object like an iron helmet, utensils, etc. As soon as you hit something that makes sound, the enemies around will march towards it, you will see a marker on their head that showcase the alert level. Hide in tall grasses to stay undetected and once they pass to move forward. If you are unable to find anything to hit Press R3 to locate the object.

How To Use Pots to Stun Enemies:

Distract Enemies In A Plague Tale Innocence

You can use pots to stun enemies, once you find one press X to collect one and then press R2 to open the Selection Menu. A kind of weapon wheel, select the pot and throw it in an open area to distract the soldier completely. It makes a pretty loud sound once you throw it.

Sometime you will have to use both rock and pots, rock to call the guard or an enemy to a certain location and then throwing the post to create a diversion so that you can sneak from behind without getting noticed. At all cost, you have to make the enemy turn around so he does not see you. If you lose Hugo in between you will see a Sand Timer, Hugo will have to return to you before its too late and he gets panic. Press D-pad down to call him. Press R3 whenever you are stuck to find pots or rocks to create a diversion. If you find its risky for Hugo to move ahead, press D-pad down to leave him in the tall grasses or at a safe place, move forward create a diversion or find a way then return back to Hugo and press D-pad Down to take him back or call him.