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Dislyte: Tips & Tricks To Progress Fast (Beginners Guide)

Want to progress quickly in Dislyte? Check this beginner’s guide for the best tips and tricks for it.

Many new beginners are looking for a guide to get some tips and tricks for Dislyte. It is a mythological RPG game developed by LilithGames for Android and iOS. The game has a beautiful art style and gacha mechanics. It has many characters that you can collect and strategy-based gameplay. So whether you are about to start playing the game or are already into it, this beginners guide has some tips and tricks to help you progress fast in Dislyte.

Tips and Tricks to Progress quickly in Dislyte


dislyte tips and tricks

These are some of the most basic but important tips that can affect your progress quite a lot.

  • Make the most of your 7-day bonus
  • Beat Missions to get to chapter 6
  • Get Mona to 6 Stars
  • Make a Balanced Team
  • Counter the elements


Make the most of your 7-day bonus

Starting with a bizarre tip, make the most out of your 7-day double XP bonus. That is right the game gives you a 2x XP bonus when you start playing the game. So these first 7 days can be a deciding factor for how much you progress in the game. Thus, this is the first tip on this list here as you can very easily ignore it.

Beat Missions to get to chapter 6


Complete the missions quickly so that you can reach chapter 6. This is important as it gives you the life steal set which you can then use on characters like Mona. Another reason to get to chapter 6 is it is a great place for farming. In fact, all levels above chapter 6 can be considered good as they give a decent amount of experience.

Get Mona to 6 Stars – Dislyte Beginners Guide

Mona is one of the best characters in the game. Especially, if in the early game. She does a lot of damage as she has excellent DPS. Thus when you use the life steal set on her she becomes even stronger.


Thanks to Volkin on YouTube for sharing the above two tips.

Make a Balanced Team

Making a balanced team is a general in most games, thus it also very much applies to this game as well. Since you already have one character sorted, that being Mona. You should decide what your next 4 characters can be. These are some of the teams you can try to see what fits your play style.

  • 3 DPS, 1 Support, 1 Status character (that can apply buffs or debuffs)
  • 3 DPS, 2 Support
  • 2 DPS, 2 Support, 1 Status character

Counter the elements

This game follows a rock-paper-scissors style of combat. So having characters that can act on it will be helpful. There are 4 elements:

  • Wind: Counters Flow
  • Flow: Counters Inferno
  • Inferno: Counters Wind
  • Shimmer: Neither counters the other elements, nor is countered by them.

That covers this beginner’s guide and all the tips and tricks you should know to progress fast in Dislyte. If you don’t want to play this game on your phone then check out our guide on how to download & play Dislyte on PC.