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V1 Interactive Reveals Disintegration Footage At Gamescom 2019

V1 Interactive released the first look of Disintegration during the Opening Night Live at Gamescom. This new sci-fi, the first-person shooter comes from the co-creator of Halo. Disintegration was first revealed during E3 2019.

Disintegration follows the story of Roamer, a robotic pilot of a Gravcycle which hovers above the ground. Disintegration will let the players be in control of a small unit and will merge real-time elements with first-person shooting experience.


Disintegration will have a single-player based story campaign as well as a multiplayer mode which will let users play with other online. The multiplayer mode has been touted as “huge” by Marcus Lehto, co-founder of V1 Interactive.

It seems that there will be the typical classes involved in a team, which has been seen in numerous games. Disintegration looks like it will bring something new to the looter shooter genre as the ability to control a team has yet to be developed completely and this might work in Distegration’s favor.

Distegration’s trailer ends with the words, “REBOOT HUMANITY“, which says a lot as the plot will have something to do with a post-apocalyptic world and maybe a way to bring humans back to the scene.


As of right now, it is unknown exactly when Disintegration will be released other than the fact that 2020 is the target year. Disintegration will be available for PC, and Xbox One.