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Why Are Discord Images Showing As Files & How To Fix It?

If images are not loading and instead showing as files in Discord, here's why.

Is Discord is sending images as files? This has happened before and sometimes, still happens. For those wondering why are Discord images showing as files and how to fix the loading issue, keep reading this guide till the end.

Why are Discord Images Sending as Files?


If the images are not loading like they are supposed to, even if they are uploaded in the image format, you are not alone. You won’t be able to send memes or any other pictures due to this issue where the images are getting sent as files. Users have posted on Reddit about Image preview being broken and only links being visible when images are uploaded. This is happening on Mobile as well as PC.

Image Preview Broken? Only Seeing Links When I Post Images. from discordapp


If you have confirmed that your internet connection is stable, here are some other things you can keep in mind.

How to Fix Discord Images Not Loading Issue?

How to Fix Discord Images Not Loading Issue

  • Turn off VPN – The VPN could be hampering your image uploads on Discord if it’s running in the background. So disable it and see if the problem is solved.
  • Contact the Support Team – You can connect with Discord’s Support Team to get a response regarding this issue or a fix from their end. If it’s Discord that’s having problems, you will be informed of the same. Also make sure to keep an eye on Discord’s social media channels for any latest updates.

Most of the times, it’s an issue from Discord’s side and it gets fixed soon enough after it’s detected. Even this time, the team had acknowledged the issue and wrote to users that they were investigating it and working to resolve it. At the time of writing, it was resolved for us.

If this happens again in the future, rest assured that Discord will take care of it. Meanwhile, don’t forget to customize your profile and find out how to fix Discord update failed loop error. Apart from these, if your Messages fail to load, check out everything you need to do.