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Dino Crisis Trademark Has Been Revived By Capcom

For those who have been a Sony PlayStation devotee from the start must know that Dino Crisis was a game ahead of its time, and it was released more than 20 years back. Well, there could be a new beginning for the game as Capcom has revived the trademark for it in Japan.

Every Dino Crisis series fan knows, how compelling and immersive the gameplay was, it looked surreal for the time and you could easily spend hours hunting and escaping from dinosaurs who were chasing you.


Capcom has been releasing remakes of its classic games and Resident Evil 2 Remake assured the company that fans still adore the game just like they did when it was first released.

While nothing is confirmed, the revival of the trademark does stir up questions and this has caused a lot of long-time gamers to be happy that there is still some hope that Capcom could bring the classic game back to life.

The next big question is the fact that no one knows when it will be released if it all is going to be, and if Dino Crisis is made and enhanced for the next generation consoles, then it will certainly steal the spotlight as long as Capcom stays true to the original game.


Seeing Capcom’s recent moves, it is a no brainer that releasing Dino Crisis will certainly bring a lot of fans back and nightmares back which the players will gladly appreciate.

We will keep updating on how the events unfold for Dino Crisis as and when new information is released.