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Dinkum: How To Kill A Crocodile

Check out our guide that features the best way of killing a Crocodile in Dinkum.

Dinkum is a life-sim farming game that features an island based on the wild Australian theme. One can pet animals and raise them to get certain benefits from them. There are some other animals in the woods that are dangerous for the in-game character and tamed animals. These animals can be hunted and converted into raw meat. This raw meat can be cooked for self-consumption or it can be sold to get some Dinks in exchange. One of the dangerous predators roaming out on the island is a Crocodile. Killing a crocodile in the game is a bit time-consuming and can prove to be fatal sometimes. Here’s our guide that covers how to kill a Crocodile in Dinkum.

How to Kill a Crocodile in Dinkum
How to kill a Crocodile in Dinkum

A Crocodile in Dinkum is known as a Croco. They are mostly found near water bodies. Alpha Crocodiles are another variety of Crocodiles that can be found on the map. An Alpha Croco is found near the mines. Unlike a normal Croco, this alpha creature attacks with pretty different moves. Kill both of the Crocos by following these points:

  • Killing or Hunting an animal in Dinkum requires a Hunting License.
  • Buy a Hunting License for 250 PP from Fletch’s tent.
  • A level 1 Hunter’s License will allow you to craft a Hammer, Spear, or Wooden Bat.
  • You should upgrade your Hunting License to level 2 as soon as possible.
  • A level 2 Hunting License allows the character to craft Weapons made from copper. Copper weapons are more impactful than basic ones.
  • If you encounter a Croco, equip the weapon.
  • A normal Croco aims before attacking with a simple but fatal bite attack.
  • On the other hand, an Alpha Croco can do a severe lunging bite attack. One of its attacks includes a high jump that creates a sharp stone wall.
  • Try to attack a moving Croco, because when a Croco has a target fixed, it stops moving and attacks in a straight direction.
  • Try to stay away from a Croco that is standing still.
  • When a Croco’s health bar becomes red, it tries to dive into the water and run away.
  • It is possible to attack a Croco even inside the water.
  • Follow the Croco and hit your last blow to collect the crocodile meat.

This is how a Croco is hunted or killed in Dinkum. If you find this article helpful, then make sure to check out our Dinkum Animals Guide.