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Does God Of War Ragnarok Have A Difficulty Trophy?

Wondering if there are Difficulty Trophies in God of War Ragnarok? We have all your answers.

The most awaited game God of War Ragnarok is finally here, and available on various platforms. Many players over the globe have already started the grind. However, not all players are grinding for the story some of them are even playing the game for its thrill. That brings us to the difficulty modes available in the game. There are up to 5 types of difficulty modes available for you to choose which we will discuss later. Other than the modes, there are even several types of trophies available that you can obtain by progressing through the game. This makes the player wonder if there is a Difficulty Trophy in GoW Ragnarok, if it does, then what are the requirements to get it? So if the same question is bothering you, then we have all the answers mentioned down below.


Is There a Difficulty Trophy in GoW Ragnarok?

Does GoW Ragnarok Have Difficulty with Trophy

To answer your question, there is No Difficulty Trophy in GoW Ragnarok. Players don’t have to be worried about any difficulty level affecting their trophies. That’s because no matter what mode you choose to play the game in, you’ll still be awarded all the trophies available in the game. So if you’re a player who has no fear fighting powerful bosses then Give me God of War difficulty is just for you. Or if you’re one of the players who just want to know about the story, then don’t hesitate to play the game on easy modes. As mentioned earlier, there are 5 difficulty modes available in the game.

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  • Give me Story
  • Give me Grace
  • Give me Balance
  • Give me No Mercy
  • Give me God of War

However, you can only pick the Give me God of War difficulty when you start a new game. Other than that it’s your choice to switch to the other difficulties whenever you want. That sums up everything about if there is a difficulty trophy in God of War (GoW) Ragnarok. While you’re here take a look at how you can Change Difficulty Levels in the game.