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How To Change Difficulty Levels In God Of War Ragnarok

If you are uncomfortable with the current difficulty setting or if you want to level up the challenge, you can change the settings by following these steps.

GOW Ragnarok has five difficulty settings ranging from fully-story based to extremely challenging combat mode. There’s a chance that you have picked one that is too easy or too tough and you want to switch it up for a better experience. It’s possible with one exception. Here’s everything to know about changing the difficulty mode settings in God Of War Ragnarok.


How to Change Difficulty Settings in God Of War Ragnarok

how to switch difficulty level gow ragnarok

Follow these steps to switch the difficulty levels in God Of War Ragnarok and change from easy to hard mode or vice versa.

  • While God of War Ragnarok is open, press the Options button on your controller.
  • Head to Settings.

how to change difficulty gow ragnarok

  • Select Gameplay.
  • Switch the Difficulty from here.

challenge level changed

  • Once the changes are saved, you will have to replay the game from the latest checkpoint.

Here’s a visual guide:


Can you Switch the “Give me God of War” Difficulty Mode?

If you choose the “Give me God of War” setting first you will have to stick to this difficulty and finish the game. If it’s too tough, you can switch to a lower setting mid-game but it cannot be reselected. You can only select this mode at the start of a new game.


And if you have chosen any other setting – Give me Story, Give me Grace, Give me Balance or Give me No Mercy – you can switch between them at any time during your game.

That’s basically how to change the difficulty level in God of War Ragnarok. In case you are deciding which mode to choose now, this guide will help you pick the best difficulty setting for the type of gamer you are and the experience you are looking for.

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