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Best Difficulty Setting To Choose In God of War Ragnarok

Not sure which GOW Ragnarok difficulty level is right for you? This guide will help you choose the best difficulty setting in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok has 5 difficulty settings, making the game even more accessible to all types of gamers, but which level should you choose? It depends on the type of gamer you are and the type of experience you are looking for. Here’s everything you should know before choosing a difficulty setting for GOW Ragnarok.


Which Difficulty Setting to Choose for God of War Ragnarok?

  • The best difficulty level to start with is Give me Balance. It provides the perfect combination of story and challenge in the gameplay which is ideal for most types of players. If you feel like it’s too easy or tough, go one level up or down any time mid-game.

What are the Difficulty Levels?

  • Give me Story
  • Give me Grace
  • Give me Balance
  • Give me No Mercy
  • Give me God of War

While the names of the levels are pretty self-explanatory, here’s everything you should think about before choosing the right setting for you.

best difficulty level setting gow ragnarok


When to Choose “Give me Story” Difficulty Level

Do you want breezy gameplay where you progress through the story easily and quickly? Choose the God of War Ragnarok difficulty setting of Give me Story. This is the level that’s least focused on combat.

This is where enemies are the weakest and bosses are the easiest to kill. You will die less often and won’t have to strategize regarding your health management too much. It will be a fun playthrough where you will feel like a literal God due to how powerful you will be. If you are new to this genre or God of War and want to start off easy, this is the level you should choose.


When to Choose “Give me Grace” Level

This is where the enemies are tougher than the previous level but for players who want a lower challenge compared to the “Balance” setting. Combat is easy and can be enjoyed by new players. This will provide a story-focused gameplay with some focus on combat.

When to Choose “Give me Balance” Level

This is the level where the developers give you a balanced experience. Combat is tricky, there’s good balance of story and you have all the challenges to enjoy the game as a player of action-adventure video games. If you have played previous God of War games, especially the 2018 game, choose this difficulty.


When to Choose “Give me No Mercy” Level

The name says it all. Choose “Give me No Mercy” when you want to be sufficiently challenged by enemies and their powers. This means you have to be comfortable with tough encounters, bosses won’t die easily and you may die often. Because here, combat is more demanding.

When to Choose “Give me God of War” Difficulty Level

And finally, the “Give me God of War” will put you through the highest possible challenge, where you need to know all the game mechanics like the back of your hand. The enemies will be extremely tough to beat and you need to strategize your next move very carefully and quickly.

It is recommended that you play through the main story once before trying the “Give me God of War” challenge. You can do it on Give me Balance or Give me No Mercy. This mode will expect a mastery of mechanics, good control of player camera and use of all tools available to Kratos and Atreus. So exploration is of utmost importance and so is practice to master the combat. That’s because the damage output of enemies will be high, they will have better defenses and Kratos will get the Rage mode much more slowly. You will need more precision in your melee strikes which means you have to judge your distance and movement very well.

This is ideal for veteran players of God of War games or if you like games like Elden Ring or Bloodborne. Although it isn’t the same thing, you will feel like you are highly challenged in GOW Ragnarok. Everything you achieve through this level will be earned.

That’s everything about the best difficulty setting to choose in God of War Ragnarok. We are covering more GOW tips, tricks and strategies for this game right here, so be sure to stick with Gamer Tweak.