Prince Of Persia Difficulty Setting Differences Explained

Here is everything explained about all the difficulty settings for Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown offers a unique experience for both long-time fans and newcomers to the series. Players can choose from five distinct types of difficulties, each geared to provide a specific playstyle in the game. And, since this time around, you will be exploring the storyline and Sargon’s journey in a more Metroidvania style, knowing which to choose becomes crucial.

Whether you are a veteran used to combat heavy experiences of the previous installations or a first-timer looking to explore the narrative and quests, there are different difficulties in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown that would each suit your gameplay. So if you are wondering which to choose and how to change the difficulty midway through your playthrough, here is everything you need to know about them.

All Prince of Persia the Lost Crown Difficulty Differences

All Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown Difficulty Settings Explained
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As mentioned before, there are five difficulty settings for players to choose from in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. These difficulties include Rookie, Warrior, Hero, Immortal, and Custom. Here are all of them explained and which one might provide you with the best-balanced experience in the game:

Rookie Difficulty

Rookie is pretty much self-explanatory and is recommended for players who are newcomers to the series or someone who’s more focused on the narrative of the game. These are the stats that the Rookie difficulty provides you with once selected:

  • Enemy Damage: 0.5
  • Enemy Health: 0.5
  • Environmental Damage: 0.5
  • Parry Difficulty: Easy
  • Dodge Window: Long
  • Athra Depletion Rate: Off

The enemies in the game deal half the damage and also consist of half health. This makes a more easy approach to combat which a first-timer might prefer. You will be able to easily parry and dodge the enemies with this difficulty.

Warrior Difficulty

The game states the Warrior difficulty as the standard one for the gameplay which provides players with a more balanced experience with narrative as well as combat. While it certainly has some challenges than Rookie, it still is one of the normal difficulties of the game. Here are all the difficulty stats that it offers:

  • Enemy Damage: 1.0
  • Enemy Health: 1.0
  • Environmental Damage: 1.0
  • Parry Difficulty: Normal
  • Dodge Window: Normal
  • Athra Depletion Rate: Off

For players looking to have a much more balanced approach to every element of Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, we suggest you choose the Warrior difficulty for your playthrough.

Hero Difficulty

The Hero Difficulty ups the ante by providing players with a more challenging combat experience in the game. For veteran players of the series, this is the perfect difficulty setting to show off their skills and abilities. That said, it has heavy and challenging combat that might be suitable for players who are familiar with action games. Here are all the stats that it offers:

  • Enemy Damage: 1.5
  • Enemy Health: 1.0
  • Environmental Damage: 1.5
  • Parry Difficulty: Normal
  • Dodge Window: Normal
  • Athra Depletion Rate: Fast

Immortal Difficulty

The most intense difficulty level that players will come across in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is Immortal. It makes things even tougher with more action-focused gameplay. Since there is no room for errors or mistakes in this mode, it is suitable for more hardcore players familiar with the series’ tactics. Here are all the stats that Immortal Difficulty provides

  • Enemy Damage: 2.0
  • Enemy Health: 1.5
  • Environmental Damage: 2.0
  • Parry Difficulty: Hard
  • Dodge Window: Normal
  • Athra Depletion Rate: Very Fast

Custom Difficulty

The custom difficulty lets you adjust and tweak all the stats according to your gameplay in the game. For players who find Warrior too easy and Hero to be much harder, you can find a middle ground with these difficulty settings. Here are all the stats that you will be able to customize in the game:

  • Enemy Damage
  • Environmental Damage
  • Enemy Health
  • Parry Difficulty
  • Dodge Window
  • Athra Depletion Rate
  • Athra Gain
  • Athra Loss Rate From Damage

How to Change Difficulty Settings in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

How To Change Difficulty Settings In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown
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Players will be able to change their difficulty settings mid-way through their journey in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • You will need to open the main menu by pausing the game.
  • Here, select system and head toward the options.
  • Once done, simply choose Difficulty and you will come across the Difficulty Mode options.
  • Select the difficulty and resume the game.

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