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How To Change Difficulty Settings In Ghost of Tsushima

Think you can take more, then here is how to change difficulty settings in Ghost of Tsushima

Difficulty in Ghost of Tsushima is as fluid as the gameplay and can be changed at any time in the game if you think that the game is not challenging enough or is too much you can do so. Difficulty settings show how ruthless your enemies are in the game and according to the challenge you can select which you like.

If you want to know how to change the difficulty in Ghost of Tsushima check this guide out.

How To Change Difficulty Settings In Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima looks and feels absolutely fantastic, each Mongol enemy that you face in the game will bring something new to the game and can really be challenging.

Keep in mind that no trophy in the game is tied to difficulty, so you can select any difficulty you like and still earn all the trophies in Ghost of Tsushima.

The game takes you to the harsh times in Feudal Japan when the island of Tsushima was under attack by the Mongol empire and Jin Sakai has to save his land and his people all by himself.

Sucker Punch, the developers of the game have given the players 3 difficulty settings that they can choose from. These settings will change how the enemy attacks you but does not have any effect on their health making them a sponge for attacks.

Ghost of Tsushima Difficulty Settings Are As Follows:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard

If you choose the Easy difficulty in Ghost of Tsushima, the enemies will have a conservative approach towards you and will not use their full brute force when attacking. You will certainly get more time to understand attacks when only one enemy attacks you at a time.

Normal Difficulty setting is for those players who are looking for a more balanced experience out of the game, the story and combat will be given equal attention and you will at times find some enemies pulling surprise attacks that can stump you.

Hard difficulty gives the enemies a more direct approach and you will certainly feel that when you’re playing the game.

You will see enemies using a different approach and will try to pounce upon every mistake that you make, in hard difficulty, you will have to be precise with block, parry and dodges to have a chance to win fights.

How To Change Difficulty In Ghost of Tsushima

You get the chance to select the difficulty at the very beginning when you start Ghost of Tsushima but worry not as you can change this setting whenever you like during the campaign.

To change the difficulty in Ghost of Tsushima, all you have to do is press Options on your PS4 controller, and in the Main Menu select Gameplay and inside you will find the Difficulty option.

Select the difficulty you wish to play the game in and if you aren’t happy with your choice you can try changing them for different sections of the game as well.

This is all there is to know about how to change difficulty settings in Ghost of Tsushima, make sure to check out How To Block, Parry, And Dodge In Ghost Of Tsushima.