Difficulty Level Options In Resident Evil Village

Find out what difficulty level to choose in Resident Evil Village and how will that affect the gameplay.

When you are starting out Resident Evil Village, you will have to choose the difficulty options before you begin your gameplay. Now of course no one would want to mess up here since the entire game will be restructured accordingly. It would ruin the gameplay if you then figure out that the RE Village difficulty level you chose was too easy that you breezed through the game or too difficult that you could not progress, So to make things easier for you, here are the Resident Evil Village difficulty levels and what level should you choose.

What are the Resident Evil Village Difficulty Levels?

Below we have listed down all the components of the difficulty levels of the game and how that would affect your gameplay.

What are RE8 difficulty Levels Based on?

The RE Village difficult levels are based on three key components:

  • Enemy HP, speed and damage dealt will increase from low to high as you level up your difficulty.
  • The ability to heal naturally or the lack of it for your character when wounded.
  • Placements of the enemies in the game. (available for Village of Shadows level only)

Types of Difficulty Levels in the Game

Difficulty levels

On the basis of these components mentioned above, you can choose between any of these three difficulty levels at the start of RE8:

  • Casual – The interactivity with the game is simple and easy for the casual mode. Here, defeating enemies is relatively easy. Also, players will get a USM-AI for clearing this level.
  • Standard – The difficulty in defeating the enemies rises with the standard mode and the players need to have a good sense of commands and console actions. Players will get a Dragoon for getting through this level.
  • Hardcore – This difficulty will truly make you experience the game genre. Everything from collecting resources to defeating enemies would be very difficult. This level will unlock the Handcannon PZ for the players upon completion.
  • Village of Shadows – The most difficult level of the game. It is only available when you complete the game once or get the Trauma Pack DLC. You will receive a Rocket Pistol for completing this level.

What difficulty level to choose in RE Village?

  • The casual mode of RE8 is recommended for beginners who are playing the game for the first time.
  • Standard mode is recommended for players who have finished Re Village at least once.
  • The hardcore mode of difficulty is for the players who are well versed with the Resident Evil Series and are experienced with this kind of genre.
  • Village of Shadows difficulty in Resident Evil Village is plain chaos and should be chosen keeping in mind that it is more for the experience and fun purpose rather than finishing the whole game on this level.

Note, you cannot change the difficulty level mid-game. So that is all for our guide on the difficulty levels in Resident Evil Village. If you would like more information about the RE8 game, check out our RE Village wiki page.