BitLife: How To Get Diamond Album

Want to become super successful pop star singer with albums hitting diamonds sales? Here's how to get there.

Dreamed of becoming a successful musician or singer, with releases and albums reaching diamond sales? Well, won’t know about real life, but you can definitely do that in Bitlife life. In order to get diamond album sales in Bitlife you need to become a popular singer and release music frequently. As you gain popularity, the more quickly your albums can reach the 10 million sales threshold.

How to get Diamond Album Record in BitLife

go diamond ablum in bitlife

Now to reach the Diamond Album sale, you need to start from the basics and level up gradually improving your singing and instrument skills until you reach 18 years old and start producing albums under labels to get popular and reach diamond sales.

Start with the Beginning

Getting started with a new life in bitlife. If you are playing on the GOD Mode, you can just select the music in the special talent to help you in the beginning. Also, you can max your looks to help you in the future with getting popular and earning more money.


Well, unlike other professions, you don’t have to be highly educated to become a successful musician. Getting a high school graduate dress is more than enough. Although, while being in high school, you can continue practicing to max out your skills.

Become a Popular Musician

Once you have the skill and the background, you can pursue this career and become a musician, for this go to the Jobs menu and look in the special career option. Further, you can give an audition to sign a good contract. Be it by going solo or joining a group or band. Once you have landed on a contract, you can go forward with producing singles and albums. Pop genre is one of the paths you can choose to become popular quickly.

Going Diamond

Getting a diamond certification means your album should have more than 10 million copies sales in bitlife as well, just like in real life. Hence, once you release your album, you can try closing and restarting your BitLife app a few times to get the sales increase. The moment you reach nearly 10 million, let’s support 8 million, go ahead with aging a year at a time, and try to check again till you eventually reach 10 million.

That’s everything you need to know about earning a diamond album in Bitlife. Don’t forget to check out the Bitlife section on Gamer Tweak for more tips and guides like how to become a famous DJ.