Will Diablo Appear In Diablo 4? (Answered)

Will the big bad villain in Diablo 4 be Diablo once more? Here's all on whether the demon will appear in the game or not.

Diablo 3 ended with Diablo and his brothers being banished from Sanctuary. So will Diablo return in Diablo 4? That’s a question that every fan of this franchise has in their mind. But the answer to this question is not simple. Blizzard has not confirmed whether they have included the main antagonist from the past installments or left him out completely. Along with that, there is no denying that the developers can even add the demon through one of the DLCs or updates.

Is Diablo Set to Return in Diablo 4?

Will Diablo Appear in Diablo 4

At the time of writing, it does not seem like Diablo will return in Diablo 4. The story seems set to focus on Lilith and Inarius. However, the game is termed Diablo for a reason and it is quite possible that the developers have kept him hidden from all trailers and gameplay videos. With the full version of the game releasing soon, new information will dawn upon us. Along with that, it’s quite possible that the developers plan to add him later on in Diablo IV.

With Malthael’s defeat at the end of Diablo 3, all souls consumed by him were released. This includes Diablo who may or may not have returned to Sanctuary. However, it is confirmed that the demon is free and will make his move soon. Fans of the franchise are divided on whether he should appear or not. While many want him to show up, others want the story limited to Lilith and Inarius. Having said that, we expect Diablo to return in Diablo 4 considering the fact that the lore and the franchise have a lot to do with him as the antagonist.

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