Diablo 4 Fortify Mechanic Explained – What Is Fortify Generation?

The Diablo 4 Fortify Mechanic is different from Barrier and this guide will show you how it works.

Diablo 4 players can use the Fortify mechanism to upgrade their build. As the name suggests, players will get an additional layer of damage reduction. However, Fortify only works with Barbarians, Druids, & Necromancers. If you might be wondering which is the best Season 1 class to choose, you should also keep in mind the value that Fortify will bring against the hordes of demons. In this guide, players will understand how this mechanism works in the game.

What is Diablo 4 Fortify Mechanic?

Diablo 4 Fortify or Fortified Explained

Simply put, the Fortify mechanic will activate in Diablo 4 once your total Life is equal to or below the Fortify Life and then provide 10% damage reduction from there on. While using Fortify is one story, players need to know about Fortify generations as well. Since both parts are equally important, players cannot rely on simply draining their Fortify Life and not learning about how to generate it back quickly.

As mentioned, Fortify only triggers once the total health of the player goes below the amount of Fortify they have. That is the basic difference between Fortify and Fortified that most players have been confused with. So if you have generated 1700 Fortify and have a total health of 2670, the mechanic will only work after your total health dips below 1700. From there on, you will get 10% damage reduction (which can be improved depending on your build).

Additionally, Fortify cannot be replenished using Healing Potions so if you heal faster than you generate it, the 10% Damage Reduction will be gone. So alongside use, players have to understand how to generate this secondary health.

How to Generate Fortify in Diablo 4

How Diablo 4 Fortify Works

Currently, Diablo 4 players can only generate Fortify by using certain skills varying from class to class. Sadly, Rogues and Sorcerers are stuck with Legendary Aspects and items with the ‘Chance when struck to Fortify life’ stat if they want to generate Fortify. However, Druids, Necromancers, and Barbarians can generate it while fighting with the help of certain skills. Along with generating, players should also focus on other sources of damage reduction in order to make it function more usefully.

Fortify Generation Skills/ Abilities for Barbarians

  • Bash
  • Iron Skin
  • Rallying Cry
  • War Cry
  • Thick Skin

Fortify Generation Skills/ Abilities for Necromancers

  • Hemorrhage
  • Blood Surge
  • Bone Prison
  • Drain Vitality
  • Necrotic Carapace

Fortify Generation Skills/ Abilities for Druids

  • Earth Spike
  • Earthen Bulwark
  • Maul
  • Debilitating Roar
  • Trample
  • Grizzly Rage
  • Natural Fortitude
  • Thick Hide
  • Defensive Posture
  • Nature’s Resolve
  • Safeguard

As you can see, Druid has the highest skills that can generate Fortify quickly. Additionally, some Sapphires can also generate Fortify in Diablo 4 and at the same time increase Damage Reduction. Once players manage to create a large pool of Fortify, they can synergize their stats in order to use the Overpower ability and deal heavy burst damage.

Does Fortify Count As a Barrier?

No, Fortify does not count or act as a Barrier. It simply reduces the damage taken and not prevent death. So, there are chances that you might succumb against a crowd of enemies or in boss fights.

That’s all there is on the Fortify mechanic. If you found this guide useful, do check out our Diablo 4 section for more such guides right here at Gamer Tweak.