Devil May Cry 5 Gold Orbs Location In All 18 Missions – Guide

Get all Gold Orbs To Revive Yourself When You Die

Gold Orbs In Devil May Cry 5 are rare and valuable item to collect. They are no easy to locate, scattered around different missions you have to scan the areas well or you might accidentally barge into one. In this DMC Gold Orb Location guide, you can find the exact places to search, thus saving your time and energy both.

How To Get Gold Orbs In DMC

You can use Gold Orbs to revive your health and devil trigger if you die in the game. There are four ways to get Gold Orbs in Devil May Cry 5.

  1. First you can buy them from Nico’s Shop. 1 Gold Orbs = 6000 Red Orbs
  2. Second you can search them throughout the missions, this is where our guide will help you.
  3. Third you can also earn Gold Orbs if you rate players in Link Missions.
  4. Something you will be rewarded Gold Orbs as daily login bonus
  5. You can earn Red Orbs for completing missions, so you can earn plenty of them to buy. It is important to keep collecting red orbs.

All Gold Orb Locations – Collect all 23 Rare Gold Rob

  • Mission 1 Nero – 1 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 2 Qliphoth – 1 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 3 Flying Hunter – 3 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 4 V Gold Orbs – 2 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 5 The Devil Sword Sparda – 1 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 7 United Front – 2 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 8 Demon King – 2 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 9 Genesis – 2 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 10 Awaken – 2 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 12 Yamato – 1 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 13 Three Warriors – 2 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 14 Diverging Point: V – 1 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 15 Diverging Point: Nero – 2 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 16 Diverging Point: Dante – 1 Gold Orbs
  • Mission 18 Awakening: – 1 Gold Orbs

Mission 1 Nero Gold Orbs Location:


At the start of the level when you are on a bridge look high above. Jump over the bus and keep jumping to reach the Gold Orb high in the air.

Mission 2 Qliphoth Gold Orbs Location:


In the second mission you will face some enemies on streets, next you have an option to go straight down or jump on the right side. Go right and you will see another street, go down and fight some enemies. The orb is at the dead end of street.

Mission 3 Flying Hunter Gold Orbs Location: Three Gold Orbs

dmc gold orb mission 3

The area to get Gold Orb in this mission is only available if you are playing as V, you have to break the huge roots to get on the top of building with a broken roof. Go inside and you will get the orb.


There is a second Golden Orb in the same mission, just locate a flying orb and use Grim Grip to take you on building roof. Scan the area, it is very easy to locate. Just find the waterfall, on the left side there is a small building with blood sac plant on it. You will find the third orb.

Mission 4 V Gold Orbs Location: 2 Gold Orbs


Search for red and yellow containers in the region around, climb over them and go right to find the orb. For the second while playing you have to destroy the roots on a train tracks, after destroying it there is a cutscene where V lands on the other side, the Gold Orb is behind him.

Mission 5 The Devil Sword Sparda Gold Orbs Location:


This one is easy to locate, after fighting with second Empusa queen, look for a sewer tunnel, the one showed in the image above. Go straight in and turn left, you will find the orb in dead end.

Mission 7 United Front Gold Orbs Location: 2 Orbs


While playing as V, after killing lizard enemies, destroy the roots. Then go to the next room, look for train and walk towards the dead end, on the left you will find the orb. As Nero during the start of mission, you have to kill 2 scissor enemies, climb the stairs, and go up till you see Exit sign. The orb is on left.

Mission 8 Demon King Gold Orbs Location: 2 Orbs


The first orb is easy to locate, you can collect it while using the second Lava lift.


For the second one after talking to Nico, look for a ledge near her van, jump over the thick roots, till you see something glowing, this means you are on the right path. Jump over the platform above the glowing thing, and follow the path to the end to grab the orb.

Mission 9 Genesis Gold Orbs Location: 2 Orbs


Mission 9 also has two orbs to collect, for the first after defeating a group of lizards you have to break a wall. Summon Nightmare to do the job. The second one will be available once you exit the Crypt Area.

Mission 10 Awaken Gold Orbs Location: 2 Orbs

There are two orbs in this mission, the first one is very easy to find. In the room with two doors where you faced a mantis demon, go left. It has teeth’s on it, the orb is inside. The second one is located in the room with raising and lowering shelves. It on top one of the high shelf on right, climb up to see the orb.

Mission 11 Reason Gold Orbs Location


In this mission you will be in a messed up town, after destroying the first Qliphoth roots, you will enter a building from the left broken wall. The orb is shining on top just at the entrance. Ignore the glyph in above image.

Mission 12 Yamato Gold Orbs Location


After reaching the last blood supply look to the right, walk to the end to collect the orb.

Mission 13 Three Warriors Gold Orbs Location: 2 Orb


There are two orbs in this mission, one is easy to locate and other one requires some exploration. In the beginning of mission you will jump into a hole to a lower room. After the final jump you will fight with lot of demons, clear them all and search the orb in the room, it has glowing purple roots on wall. Scan the area well for first orb. It is outside.


For the second one destroy the blood sacs to open an underground hole, not the center. This will take you a region with yellow glowing liquid. Keep following the paths and climb up for a few minutes and you will get the orb on the last bridge.

Mission 14 Diverging Point: V


Once you are pulled into a dark region, go right there are rocks sitting in an arrangement of four. Look behind it and you will find a golden orb.

Mission 15 Diverging Point: Nero – 2 Orbs

dmc gold orb v mission 15

dmc gold orb v mission 15 orb2

Playing as Nero, into a region with pink spikes, explore the region, keep climbing up in the caves to locate orb. It is not that tough to find. For the second, you have to jump over the glowing platforms to reach the second one.

Mission 16 Diverging Point: Dante


As Dante once you began your journey going down deeper into the ground, there is a small space you have to look carefully for the orb.

Mission 18 Awakening:


Once you are done fighting with Shadow second time, go behind the blood doorway to get the final Golden Orb of Devil May Cry 5.

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