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Devil May Cry 5 Gets Free Bloody Palace Update Brings Endless Survival Mode

No XP or Diamonds Revival is Allowed, Only Time Matters

If you are done with Devil May Cry 5 then Capcom is adding something new that will put your skills on test. The new update called as Bloody Palace adds a survival mode in the game. Capcom released a new Trailer to showcase new features of endless survival mode.

Bloody Palace is a challenging mode where players can pick to choose between Nero, Dante and V. Once they are in pass through the unrestrained hordes of demons and earn points to get more time in the clock and this is not an April Fool’s joke.

The free mode is ideal for players to get into the game while ace players already know what to do. Players are allowed to carry all existing weapons and abilities into the chamber, a two minute clock starts ticking and fight begins.

In Bloody Palace players cannot use XP or Diamonds to revive, you will either killed by demons or the time runs out. To earn more time try using some style and get 30 seconds extra added in the clock. Extra time is added if you survive the wave without taking any damage.

Gear up your best load-outs to pass through Bloody Palace.

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