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Detective Pikachu Full Movie Leaked Online – 2 Million Trolled

Someone just uploaded the full movie on Youtube, really!


Detective Pikachu Full movie looks leaked online by a Youtuber Inspector Pikachu who uploaded a full 1 hour 42 minutes movie on Youtube. But it is just a troll, the videos show a dancing Pikachu and nothing else. Officially the movie is releasing on May 10, 2019 in theaters and there will a ton of fake leaks coming up by roguish pirater’s.

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If you want to get trolled just search Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Picture. The fake video has gathered around 2.1 Million views in the first 9 hours after upload. A similar kind of tactics is followed by many film producer to release fake leaks on torrents and Youtube. But still, it is a challenge to handle piracy on the web.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu is the first live-action movie featuring Ace detective Harry Goodman who is missing. His 21-year-old son Tim is on a mission to find his father. Tim has a special ability to talk to pokemon and he joins forces with Pikachu to solve the case.

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